Friday, December 4, 2009


Held out until I had a slew of tracks to throw at you. This one's a very house-centered post minus the fourth and final track. Enjoy.

Dävid Wäxman - Lïft Me Up (Flood)(Stëphan Luke Remix)
Järs of Cläy reworked then remixed, nice solid house track.

Yëap - Dänce För Me Höuseboy (Sïncere Söund Remix)
Got turned on to this one a while back, now I've got it in 320kbps. Excellent.

Cärl Kënnedy - RöcknRolla (Nïck Gälea Remix)
After this week when I see Gälea's name, I know I'll have to give it a listen.

Dr. Höllywood - Wë Run LA (Dance Remix)
Forget the mainstream, this soft smooth track's got it all. Hip-Hip/R&B/Electro/80's


louis said...
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louis said...

that "we run la" remix is just pure fire!!!