Friday, December 18, 2009

Calling You

*Pärker - "Cälling Yöu (original mix)"
I just discovered this track from 2008 that I could not let pass by. Not sure how to really describe it, but it is amazing. I would love to know the feedback on this one.

*Pëter K feat. Shäntiman - "Wörk ït out (dj khärma original mix)"
Guaranteed Eargasm

*Yvël and Trïstän - "Hëart & Söul (2009 original mix)"

*Söphie 5 Stärs - "Gïve ït to më (pëter khärma & andrëw m vocal mix)"
Big-Room potential with this one.


Steven Stone said...

Solid. The Yvel & Tristan sounds straight out of the 80s. And the Sophie 5 Stars has got that classic sound to it.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Yeah, I love the feel of Heart & Soul. It's a good mood-setter.