Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dïrty Tälk

Really a hodgepodge of tracks in this post. It's been a while since Darryl and I posted anything because there's just been a real lack of quality tracks to be honest, I blame it on the time of year. Anyways, here's what caught my ear. Enjoy.

Wyntër & Dävid Guettä - Dïrty Tälk (Radio Edit)
Real nice house track perfect for the club, don't know about the radio with these lyrics though

Mötorcycle - As Thë Rush Cömes (Däniel Kändi Antön Fïrtich Dïvine Remix)
Huge sound, trancey and with a big breakdown and beautiful vocals

Mëdina vs LMFAO - Yöu & I (Adz Re-Edit)
Cool laidback mash-up of one of the best tracks of the year.

DJ Antöine - Undërneath (VIP Remix)
Soft remix with a huge focus on the vocals but a kicking electro house bassline too.


Anonymous said...

links are bad

Anonymous said...

Lack of quality tracks? Are you kidding me? Maybe your kind of electro shit, 'cause I've downloaded plenty of good quality tracks lately, everywhere from techno, dance, to house.

jon gordon said...

i tried to get these tracks and i tried signing on my google acct like it says to do but no luck. is there any other way you can post them the songs look great butt i cant get them thanx jon

Steven Stone said...

Sorry guys, that was my fault. The links are up and running.

Hey Anonymous, out of all the good quality tracks you've downloaded, what's the best track from within the last week?

Derek S. Rushforth said...

Steven, really liked the 'Dirty Talk' track. Have yet to get around to the remaining, but I expect good things. I've noticed the relative lack of good tracks as of late.

Rage said...

House particularly has seen more mainstream attention; maybe that's why tracks have been lacking recently.

The You and I mashup was pretty clever, but it was only at the beginning.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

I would love hear some heavier versions of Dirty Talk. This one is a little too trancey for me...but it is still good.

Anonymous said...

Steve Stone, while I'm a little behind on my downloads I'll give you some from last week. All different genres.

Speak The Secret (Tocadisco Remix) - Pete Griffiths

Ihr Wollt Eine Popmuschi (Armin Prayd And Dirk Duske Remix) - Popmuschi

Who Da Fuck (Extended Mix) - Schenetti Vs Rivaz

You Can Call Me Al (Dj Hass Extended Mix) - Dj Rebel & Ftw

Excellent remix - Watch Out (Milk & Sugar Vocal Remix) (Mambo) Alex Gaudino Feat Shena

Remedy (Avicii Club Remix) - Little Boots

One Beat Away (Arno Cost Remix) - Cicada

I Like It (Riva Starr Snatch Mix) - Malente vs. Kc & the Sunshine Band

Hey Hey (Df S Attention Vocal Mix) - Dennis Ferrer

Droid (Hy2rogen & Fr3cky vs. Liviu Hodor Remix) -Lissat & Voltaxx

Boogie Wonder (Original Mix) - The Black Project

None of these were downloaded from here.

My beef here has been that this used to be one of my favorite blogs until it went 98% electro. It should now be called Digital ELECTRO Eargasm

Steven Stone said...

I've been finding a lot of good house tracks recently and posting them. A couple of us just found a sudden dropoff in the availability of quality music in all genres last week. But we're not trying to find a specific type of music, electro or otherwise; it's just whatever catches the ears.

Anonymous said...

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