Thursday, March 25, 2010


If you know what that picture's about than massive kudos for you. Loved that movie. Anyways found some tracks I really liked this week. DVR dropped an absolute gem with the Funkk Frikz remix of Let's Hear It For The Boy. These are a few of the other tracks that are in the playlist this week, all freaking awesome. Enjoy.

Röger Sänchez - 2Gëther (Original Mix)
Samples! Love the way he works in Löve Shäck and Right Hëre, Right Nöw.

Pëter Lüts - Thë Rain (Original Club Mix)
Epic! Lüts always can get people moving, this one's got it in spades plus a hook.

Läidback Lukë feat. Jönathan Mëndelsohn - Tïll Tönight (Original Mix)
Kinda the big deal of the moment and rightly so. Absolutely awesome.

Justïn Mïchael & Këmal ft Brunö Märs - Hër Wörld Göes On (Prod. by Dävid Guëtta)
From what everyone's been saying, you should like this. A pretty enjoyable mellow dance track.

Läzee ft Nëverstore - Höld On (Töm Rëason & Fäst Föot Pröject Radio Edit)
A little electro pop kinda thing going on here that I really like.


Anonymous said...

i never leave comments on here. i played that peter luts track at guvernment last night and it killed the club. gotta say thanks. its really random for me to play a track live i've never actually listened to before but i've trusted you guys for the past 5 years or so. But to be honest. I opened for roger sanchez couple months back and he got boo'd off stage. it was awkward because i was house dj the venue and nobody really knew what to do, dudes any djs idol. but the track he played was the one you posted. i love the guy but maybe cant wait for a remix of the track before i play it live?

MrDaveBoi said...

OMG i loved them!! QT - the young one really did die though