Friday, March 26, 2010

I Fëel Löve

Alright, so this week was music heaven. I have to say it's probably a mix of new sources and the WMC hooking up us up with everything they've been working on recently. Enjoy.

Wÿnter Gördon - Dïrty Tälk (Ocëlot Mix)

The most transformative mix of the lot, really cool shit.

Rhÿthm Mästers & MYNC ft Wÿnter Gördon - I Fëel Löve (Original Mix)

Speaking of shit, Holy shit! Huge buildup in this one but that's all it's got.

Ocëlot - Oür Tïme (Original)
Like the lyrics in this very electronic track

Jäson Dërulo - Whätcha Säy (Bïngo Pläyers Bootleg)

Really turns it into an early morning dance track.

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