Friday, March 26, 2010

Prëtty Gïrls

This is like the major leagues of tracks. Really glad I stumbled across 'em. And yeah, I really like the redheads, even when they're dying their hair and dabbling in alcohol, drugs, and other girls. Enjoy the tracks.

Wäle ft Gücci Mäne - Prëtty Gïrls (Bënny Bënassi Remix)
This is really just a hip-hop track made dirty via Bënny.

Pëter Lüts - Thë Räin (Original Club Mix)
Big, epic, melodic progressive house banger.

Thë Höxtons - Chäkalaka (Original Mix)
Chäka Khän sampling, funky progressive track.

Dïzzee Räscal ft Cälvin Härris - Höliday (DJ S.cö Remix)
He snuck this out, but I found it. Nice work.

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