Thursday, November 18, 2010


The links are still going to another site, so we will be using Zippyshare at this time. I will keep up the links for a little while longer in case their servers come back online.

Aleshä Dïxon feat. Wïley - "Radïo (2010 klaas remix)"
I know that some of you don't like Klaas, (and I've actually skipped posting a few of his latest), but I did have to throw this one on. The following 3 tracks lean more to the House side of the Eargasm spectrum!

Carl Hanäghan & Ted Nïlsson - "Wëar It Out (mr. vasovskï remix)"

Lïl' Louïs - "French Kïss (2010 ant broöks xxl rerub)"

Oläv Basoskï - "Pöp (2010 original mix)"
Samples: M - "Pop Muzik"

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