Friday, July 31, 2009

Yïn For The Kïll

One day away. Here are some much more relaxed tracks. Enjoy.

SNEAK PEEK:Dävïd Guëttä ft Chrïs Wïllïs - Gëttïn' Ovër
25 Days From Release. This sneak peek is in low quality and has a lot of voiceovers.

SNEAK PEEK: Wolfgäng Gartnër - Fläshback ft. MC Flipsidë (Club Mix)
Possible November Release. Wolfgäng thinks this "beats the shit out of the old version". This sneak peek is in low quality.

Wölfgang Gärtner & Fräncis Prevë vs. La Röux - Yïn For The Kïll (Dave Spöon Bootleg)
Lots of fans out there of both these artists, you're going to like this one.

Planët Funk - Chäse The Sun 2009 (Housë Moguls Remix)
This track is so calm and beautiful. Planet Funk is great.

Sidnëy Sämson vs. Pïtbull - I Know You Want Më On The Flöor (Audiomash Bootleg)
Pitbull's doing some good stuff.

Weëzer - Isländ In The Sun (Pätrick G Remix)
Some electro in it.

2 Hot Ones

Hosted by

*Rick Restänques feat. Linda Lee Höpkins - "Too Höt (original mix)"
This should remind most of Armand Van Helden - "I want your soul"

*Inna - "Hot (beat thrillerz remix)"
Thanks to Beat Thrillerz producer & member DJ Mickey Bono for sending me his sweet remix!

Deekline & Wizard (video)

3 months ago Deekline & Wizard released their 2nd artist album ‘Back Up, Coming Through’ on Against The Grain records. Initial stock sold out in just days and the album continues to gather momentum as the world tunes into their unique sound. Now, fresh off the back of a hugely successful Australian tour which saw Deekline holding the front page of two major music publications, the boys are back with another big hitter.

"Bounce & Rebound" is Deekline & Wizard doing what they do best, cooking up a hot pot of raw talent to produce a sound which is totally unique yet quintessentially British. Featuring jungle institution TopCat, UK hip hop exile Fallacy, gospel singer Vic Bynoe and the jazz scat sounds of Yolanda, Bounce & Rebound is a multi genre masterpiece.

Link to buy original
Link to buy remixes

Thursday, July 30, 2009

One More Chänce

Pleasantly surprised with the tracks today. All very different sounds, all high quality, all good.

Blöc Party - One More Chänce (Alex Metrïc Remix)
Electronic goodness.

Däda Life - Happy Händs & Häppy Feet (Lïfe Express Remix)
A nice, well deserved remix for a great track. Light electro-house.

Sändy Rïvera ft Raë - Persuasiön (Sandy Rivëra Remix)
Taking it down and making it darker, nice track.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

King of Pop

*Mïchael Jäckson - "Bïllie Jeän (dïrty fùnkers 'this ïs not' remix)"
Been awhile since we've posted a Dïrty Fùnkers reworq, and this one doesn't disappoint.

*Felïx Grëy - "Wänna be startïng something (lôndon djs remix)"
Nice Electro-House remake of the Mïchael Jackson hit!

Fixïn To Thrïll

Another tough day, but I really found a track I like. I had to search high and low to find one of the only 320kbps versions out there. Enjoy.

Drägonette - Fixïn To Thrïll (Villäins Remix)

Höxton Whorës vs Mädison Avenue - Devïl Toy Bäby (Dani Mäsi Mash-up)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Ready 2 Dance

*Peter Prësta feat. Bonsë - "Totälly Rëvamped"
Peter has revamped his 2007 hit "Totally Hooked" with some new lyrics and a fresher sound. For those not familiar with the tune, he samples Boston - "More than a Feeling"

*Big Cïty DJ - "Smälltown Boy (dj wäg drëamdance extended mix)"
Nice sounding remake, adding in some Electro-House elements.

*Madëmoiselle Lunä feat. Mister Cosmïc - Get rëady 2 dance (original mix)"
Big-Room potential.

*Ellä - "Shïne like a superstär (bässmonkeys extended mix)"
This one should appeal to the Top40/House crowd. Very nice track.

*DJs from Märs - "Don't gïve up (mars attäx mix)"
Well done track that should appeal to most DJ's.


Don't Push Me

Bad day round the internet for new releases. The solution, post our own stuff. Enjoy.

DJ Red & Josh Dupont - XYE vs. Grand Màster Flash
My hometown djs are at it again, fantastic track

Sêan Kïngston - Fïre Burning (This Guy I Know Remix)
Derek thought the original was "annoying", so he remixed it.

Dert Cheep - Get Sum (We Run This)
Direct quote: "Its got all the elements of a proper song...1. Bass, 2. Vocal samples, 3. Alarm clock."

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Will Bê Here

Spent a nice little weekend in Dallas. If you get a chance to go see MC Flipside or Felipe Avelar, take it; some nice guys who put on a good show. Also be sure to check out Flipside's remix of Flashback, won't be out for some time but you can check it out on myspace. Anyways, we've got some good stuff today. Enjoy.

Tiêsto And Sneàky Sound System - I Will Bê Here (Wolfgang Gàrtner Remix)
Nice and relaxed remix, sounds great.

Axwell & Dïrty South vs Spartàque - Swêet Cubes (Dynamik Dàve & Cbf Mashup)
Really nice "Sick ass mashup"

Tiêsto And Sneàky Sound System - I Will Bê Here (Benny Benàssi Remix)
You already know what this will sound like.

Remàdy Feat. Jon - The Wày You Kiss (Club Mix)
Vocal breakdown

Queên - We Wïll Rock You (Chêrry Coke Remix)
Electro-house remix

Friday, July 24, 2009

Addicted to Crack

"My neck, my back...lick my pussy and my crack"
Here are 2 traxx that sample Khia's - "My Neck My Back"

*J. Lätham - "Follow mè (marc dènnis elèctrofryd vocal mix)"

*Relèntless vs Noèl Sinnèr - "Lïck It Over (original mix)"

Eargasmic Friends

Kissy Sellout just recently dropped IAMXL's Billy Joel - "For the Longest Time" remix live on BBC Radio 1 in the UK! Can't get much better exposure than that! Other than the time we featured it on here, that is!

So to celebrate, IAMXL wants you all to enjoy his massive new remix of the huge new tune from Riton & Primary 1.

*Rïton & Prïmary 1 - "Who's There (iamxl remix)"

*David Guettä feat. Akon - "Sexy Bïtch (solarus extended mix)"
Thanks to DJ Solarius for sending us this one!

*OMC - "How Bïzzare (2009 diinch remix)"
Pleasant remix that sticks close by the original.

*Morningstar - "Biff"
I'm always happy to support Morningstar, who has fun with the Biff character from the movie Back to the Future. One of these days I'm going to get out to either Las Vegas or Los Angeles to see him spin!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Body Sweàt

Great day for finding music. Some really fun and good stuff to add into the mix today. Enjoy.

Dïrty South vs. Red Hot Chïli Pêppers - We Are Calïfornia (Eddie Thoneïck Bootleg)
RCHP will always get the crowd going.

Hïlary Duff - Any Othêr Day (Richard Vïssion Remix)
Real nice sound.

Dïva and Jones - Thrïller (Davïd Jones Mix)

A little House filler track that'll go over well.

Lucky Chàrmes & Tony Vêrdult - Body Sweàt (Original Mix)
Work well in the club.

Sound Machïne - In My Mïnd (Original Mix)
Some instrumental electro.

Mercury Plàying

We've got some different remixes of previous tracks and one brand new one that's very good. Enjoy.

Capïlari & Salvavïda - Oyê Como Va (Mïcha Moor & Denïz Koyu Remix)
Big, big sound.

Nïls Van Zàndt vs. Sergio Sïlvano feat. Chaquïlo MC - The Bêat Don't Stop (DJ Ràbano Remix)
Dirty sounding electro house with a touch of wonk.

Innà - Love (DJ Nejtrïno & DJ Bàur Radio Mix)
Still loving this track and all the different mixes.

Florïan Wyle - Mercury Plàying (Alêx R Remix)
Very mausy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Room is Spinning

*Jo Frïsbee - "Càrry on wàyward son (2009 club mix)"
Pleasant House remake of the Kansas hit.

*BK and Lee Hàslam - "Fêêl Good Inc."
This Gorillaz reworq has a lot of different elements in it, mostly Hard-Prog. Not something I'd usually post, but it is kind of interesting.

*D¥DJ's vs Ashàboy - "Run DMC"
Fidget house tribute to Run-DMC & Jam Master Jay

*Hàggstrom vs Càswell - "Room is spïnning quïckly (2009 original mix)"
Here is another song that I normally wouldn't post, but something about this noise-filled Electro jam is propelling me to do it.

Sèxy Bitch

Many thanks to our good buddy James Bennett for the immediate heads-up on this track. I'm just glad I'm up at the crack of dawn here in the States to let ya'll have a listen seconds after I got it.

Dävid Guètta ft Akön - Sèxy Bitch

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beat Dön't Stop

Friday brought nothing to us. But we're back with some different tracks today. Enjoy.

Nils Van Zändt vs. Sergio Silvanö feat. Chaquilö MC -The Beat Dön't Stop (Mark Laurènz Freak Mix)
Kind of a deep electro sound

Funk Pröviders feat. TèaQue'n - Littlè Fantasy (Laurènt's Extended Clubmönster Mix)
House with a tropical summer bass

Player & Rèmady - Göt Sax (Main Mix)
Sounds the same as "Chècking Me Out (Main Mix)"

Capiläri & Sälvavida -Oye Comö Va (Bigroom Mix)
Kind of a deep electro house sound

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aröund The World

The weekend is close; I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime I've got a few tracks to give ya'll. Enjoy.

Spèncer & Hill - Hèads Off (Hirshèe Remix)
Electro house that downplays the chorus and upplays the beat

Rustlèr - Aröund The World (Mark Simmons Remix)
Sounds a little more like a Swèdish House Mafiä than Däft Punk.

Undèrworld - 2 Mönths Off (Töng and Rogèrs Wonderland Mix)
Something a bit more minimal

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Screäm My Name

Total mixbag of tracks today. Enjoy.

DJ Digital Däve - Estèlle Is Gone (Estèlle vs David Guettä)
Great mashup, courtesy of White Folks Get Crunk

Bööty Luv - Say It (Sidechäins Remix)


Dr. Drè ft Snööp Dögg - Still D.R.E. (Assèr Bootleg)

Really made it's way into the forums.

LMFA0 - Screäm My Name
Got turned onto this one over the weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fïre Burnïng

This new remix features Pitbull throwing out some rapz!

*Sean Kïngston feat. Pïtbull - "Fïre Burnïng (remix)"

Just Becäuse

Quality. Some extra mixes left from yesterday's tracks and a brand new one that's stellar. And I was planning another post for today but realized we had posted that track back in December; so I'll only include one of the mixes from it. Enjoy.

Räygun - Just Becäuse (Funkägenda Remix)
Piano breakdown and driving beat.

Calvin Bosco & Chris Bèkker ft Giorgio Morodèr - The Chasè (D.0.N.S. Remix)
Not much difference between this and the other actually

Calvin Bosco & Chris Bèkker ft Giorgio Morodèr - The Chasè (Chris Bèkker Tribal Mix)
Big difference. Great for the summer.

Jèssie James - Wantèd (Jason Phäts Bootleg Vocal Mix)

Very chill remix.

DJs From Märs - Don't Givè Up (Max Färenthide Remix)
Electro-house, pop lyrics, good beat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot In Here

The quality of new dance music is down so far this week. Only 8% of the tracks that looked good enough to download today will make it to D.E. Enjoy a few of those.

Calvin Bosco & Chris Bèkker ft Giorgio Morodèr - The Chasè (D.0.N.S. Mîdnight Dub)
Great instrumental track for early in the night.

Eminèm - We Madè You (Petèr C. Rock Star Dub)
House, Really surprised me, just the chorus and then club beats.

Jèssie James - Wanted (Widèboys Full Club Mix)
Very pop, not near enough of that Widèboys sound.

Nèlly - Hot In Here (Keven Le Fonquè B. More Mix)
For the B-More fans out there.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm really enjoying the original right now...and I'm kind of curious how it would have sounded if Britney Spears had released this one.

*Laûren Hïldebrandt - "Boyshörts"

*Laûren Hïldebrandt - "Boyshörts (aarön paëtsch remix)"

Xquizit Dj X

I'm really excited to bring you the next 2 traxx, courtesy of the Xquizit one himself. He definitely brings his own Electro/Breakbeat style to the party...and I'm very impressed. I look forward to more!

*Lädy Gäga - "Pokèr Fäce (Xquizit Dj X Remix)"

* Black Eyèd Pèas - "Böom Böom Pöw (Xquizit Dj X Remix)"

Polàr Bëar Rug

* Super Viràl Brothers - "Hot Chocolàte & Polàr Bëar Rug (dàda life remix)"
Odd title for a house tune, but it is totally fun to listen to. If you want to see something wild, be sure to check out the video to the original song.

* Drew G feat. Rachel Panay - "Send Him My Love (original club mix)"
The last time we heard from Rachel she was singing on a DJ Ranny track. Sent in by the G-man himself, the Hed Kandi crowd will surely like this house track.

* B-Tëch - "Runàway (2009 original mix)"
Nice Prog-House track that not's too heavy on the Prog.....which is something that I can deal with.