Friday, February 26, 2010

Lïke a G6

A solid mix of styles here today. Enjoy.

Fär Eäst Mövement ft The Cätaracs & Dëv- Lïke A G6
Real nice track for the club

Bïmbo Jönes - Frëëze (Jeän Mäxwell Club Mix)
Really reminds me of Oäkenfold.

The Cätaracs - Sïppin Chämpagne
These guys are bridging the gap between electronic and pop.

Alëx Pärk - Mäd Wörld (Cläes Rösen Remix)
Different sound on this classic track.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to the Rhythm

Chris Kaeser - "Back to the Rhythm (2010 club stuff mix)"

Carra & Rudari feat Alice Bay - "Get Dance (2010 crush mix)"

Cristiano Vinco pres. Isla feat. Rod Fame - "Baby Baby (2010 stylus robb remix)"

Gino Soccio - "Try it out (houseclap readymade)"

Lick It

DJ Adamus Feat. Candy Girl - "Lick It (2010 lambretto remix)"

Stefy de Cicco feat. Andrew I - "I like to move it (2010 synth remix)"

Stylus Robb & Matthias feat. Master Freez - "Up in the club (2010 original mix)"

La Mica feat. Loona - "Life is just a Game (2010 club mix)"

Everybody Dance

Leroy Gomez - "Everybody Dance (2010 frankie gada remix)"

Christopher S feat. Mc X-large - "Horny (2010 jack holiday remix)"

Morgan Cardinale - "Bump (2010 dark angels vs kando extended mix)"

Kato feat. Jon - "Turn the lights off (2010 extended mix)"

Steve H - "Party Children (ph electro dirty remix)"


U2 - "Beautiful Day (2010 virtual groove remix edit)"

Dirty Woman

DJ Belyaev - "Dirty Woman (2010 remix)"
Samples White Town - "Your Woman"

Danzel - "Pump It Up (2010 groove delight remix)"

Gareth Wyn - "You're no good for me"

Tom Novy - "Your Body (2010 meanless remix)"

Don't Stop The Sandman

Rock Sugar joins in on the fun with a rockin' Mash-up of
Metallica - "Enter Sandman" and Journey - "Don't Stop Believing."

Cärry Out

The best around. Seems like there's an overload of tracks hitting the blogs these days, and it's hit or miss whether they're any good or not. I've got a wide mix of my picks in this post. Enjoy.

Tïmbaland - Cärry Out (Söundpusher & DJ Röck Cïty Remix)
Not as dirty as you'd expect, but its a hard hitting pop remix.

Dj Mïghty Mï vs. LMFAO vs. Afröjack - Lä Lä Lä (Afröjack Ghëtto Bläster Refix)
Solid dance track.

Röbbie Rïvera, Dëro - 1980 (Mäurizio Gubëllini Insäne Mix)
Really enjoying Gubellini's work as of late, this prog track could use some vocals though.

Party Dark - Is That You? (Extended Club Mix)
Real nice electro house. Definitely a good choice to pickup.

Scötty Böy & DJ Rëd - Whät The Fuck (Dirty Master)
Highly remixed version of Fätboy Slïm & Funkägenda's track.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ushër - "Yeäh (2010 electrical brothers remix)"

Bad Boys

Alexandra Burke - "Bad Boys (moto blanco extended mix)"

Baobinga - "Ride it (2010 original mix)"
With all the talk in the chatbox of dubstep being the next big thing, I might as well throw one up for you.

Danny Darko - Disco Revenge (2010 dd disco mix)
Nice subtle use of Rod Stewart's "Do You Think I'm Sexy"

Sound of Soho - "Take my love (12 mix)"
Samples Sister Sledge - "He's the greatest dancer"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hëarts On Fïre

Here's some more tracks... Enjoy.

Cut Copy - Hëarts On Fïre (Göose Flësh Remix)
Since everyone's going crazy for the breaks.

Gnärls Bärkley - Cräzy (Iänizer & Lëmethy Remix)
One of their tamer remixes. More about Iänizer & Lëmethy here.

Rëmady P&R ft Cänata - Cräzy (Original Mix)

New stuff from the Swiss duo with their classic sound.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Gööd, The Bäd & Thë Funky

Very excited about these tracks. This is one hard-hitting post in my humble opinion. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy.

Päul Anthöny & ZXX - Drïnk By Thë Jug (Alex Kïdd Remix)
Samples Slïm Thug's Thrëe Kïngs in a mau5y style.

JELO & Adäm K - The Gööd, The Bäd & Thë Funky (Original Mix)

You may remember my post of Siberia from JELO, massive hard electro.

Madison Avenue - Who the Hell Are You (Dj Viduta Remix)
Nice hard electro remix of the classic.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Öutta Your Mind

Hip-House in da Hip-House!!

Lïl Jön feat. LMFAÖ - "Öutta Your Mind"

Ginuwïne feat. Tïmbaland & Mïssy Ellïott - "Get Invölved (masters of south remix)"

David Guettä & Afrojäck feat. Roxy Cottontaïl - "Nasty Toyfrïend (flavo bootleg)"

Damon Paul and DJT.O - "Pitbull is crazy (av8 mix)"

The Outfield

The Outfield - "Your Love (2010 virtual groove mix)'

You can do magic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Peter K feat. Shantiman - "Work It Out (hacker boys mix)"

Stefano Prada & Rockstroh - "You Can Do Magic (stefano prada electro mix)

Steve H - "Party Children (ph electro dirty remix)"

Benny Benassi feat. Sandy - "Illusion 2.10 (dj cargo remix)"

Carra & Rudari feat Alice Bay - "Get Dance (crush mix)"

Disco Inferno

DJ Zam & Taito - "Don't You Get Disco Inferno (nekkz! mash-up)"

50 Cent & M.I.A - "Disco Gun Inferno (Buba Mashup)"

Don't Stop Believing

Lady Gaga vs Journey - "Just Stop Believing"

Northern Allstars - "Don't stop believing (2010 christian davies remix)"

Hey Girl

Disco Reason - "Hey Girl (locco freakz! remix)"
Great Party Track

Rock Solid Mafia - "Shake that ass bitch (2010 christian davies remix)"

Julien Creance - "Take A Look (2010 mosimann remix)"

Bob Sinclar & Sahara feat. Shaggy - "I wanna (2010 extended mix)"
Bob Sinclar joins in on the Hip-House movement!

Dizzee Rascal - "Dirtee Cash (2010 extended mix)"

Fäst Lïfe

The latest additions to my archives. Enjoy.

Bäd Böy Bïll ft Alëx Pëace - Fäst Lïfe (Töcadisco Remix)
Great track to put in early.

Crïtical - Hypë The Funk (Hïrshee Mix)
Classic Hirshee dïrty electro, very energetic track.

Chrïs Röckford vs Jënnifer Päige - Crush (Reloaded) (Mäx Färenthide Remix)
Electro-house mashup with the Crush's vocals.