Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Von Rokk 20 of 2009

Well, 2009 definitely turned out to be the year of Electro-House for me, much to the chagrin of some of our visitors.....though I did start to notice in the month of December some much better House Music coming out.

Here now are your 20 Guaranteed Eargasms for 2009

1. Ultra Flirt - "The time is now (2009 max k remix)"

2. Bad Boy Bill feat. Alyssa Palmer - "Falling Anthem (herve's we are a beautiful disaster remix)"

3. Bryce - "Rock On (2009 finger and kadel mix)"

4. Soundpusher - "Get some (2009 original mix)"

5. Superpolitik - "Break it down (2009 original mix)"

6. Egohead Deluxe - "Killer Emotion (2009 club mix)"

7. Rudenko - "Everybody (2009 club mix)"

8. Laurent Wolf - "Walk the line (2009 club mix)"

9. David May - "Superstar (2009 extended mix)"

10. David Guetta feat. Akon - "Sexy Bitch (extended mix)"

11. Duwayne Motley - "Come Get Me (zoltan kontes & jerome robins mix)"

12. Che DuBois - "Freaky To Me (electric soulside mix)"

13. Hirshee feat. Messinian - "Burn it up (original mix)"

14. Stereotype (ctrl-z and screwface) feat. Tali - "Under my skin (original mix)"

15. Sticks - "Bang The Beat (houseshaker electro mix)"

16. The Ian Carey Project - "Get Shaky (rawdirt remix)"

17. Wrecker - "Tear the roof off (2009 original mix)"

18. Dandyskills - "Default Groove (2009 original mix)"

19. GeRich feat Dirty Bass project - "What Would..."

20. Marc Leaf - "Can't Stop This Feeling (luvstuff remix)"

The following just missed the cut!

Khan Edison - "Harlow Gold"
Cut and Run - "The Doc (part 1)"
DJ Opium - "Juice (Original Mix)"
3shift - "Hey Bitch (2009 white rework)"
Candy Girl - "Yeah! (Electrophunk Remix)"
Victor Imbres feat. Michaela Paige - "TNT"
Bodybangers - "Bodytalk (2009 bigroom mix)"
Yvel and Tristan - "Heart & Soul (2009 original mix)"
Arnold Palmer - "Tripping (2009 dave ramone remix)"
Snap - "Rhythm is a dancer (2009 armand van helden remix)"
David Bas & Nick Sinckler - "Feel This Love (Funkk Frikz Remix)"
Klaas Meets Haddaway - "What Is Love 2K9 (fee dee bootleg mix)"
Wheels & Disco feat. Mighty Marvin - "Good Times (e-squire mix)"
Kidbass feat. Sincere - "Goodgirls love rudeboys (original club mix)"
Undercover Lover - "Who's been sleeping in my bed (2009 club mix)"
Super Viral Brothers - "Hot Chocolate & Polar Bear Rug (dada life remix)"
Dab feat. Sushy - "Grease (2009 diego abaribi & paolo sandrini club mix)"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The new look has given me a renewed energy to share even more great stuff with all of you! I feel like I've been reinvigorated!

Acafool - "Ride (extended mix)"
Hip-Hop/Breakz. Sort of sounds like something that Flo Rida would do.

Digital Devotion - "Don't (original mix)"

DJ Hero - "Rock On (huda hudia bounce mix)"

Cutoff feat. Bree Fenton - "Believe (original mix)"

Sweet Baby

Cool Million feat. Melisa Morgan - "Sweet Baby (12 inch mix)"
Disco-House-Funk that will have you feeling like it's 1980 all over again. Such a sweet song!

Stone's Top 10 of 2009

It's been a good year. Trying to limit my favorites to just 100 tracks was tough enough, now taking that list down to 10 was damn near impossible. I'm doing the same as last year and adding an extra twenty honorable mentions though, and that still barely scratches the surface.

1. Bäss Klëph & Stëllar - Spënd My Möney (Bäss Klëph's Club Mix)
In the club, in my headphones, in my mixes all year long.

2. Mëdina - Yöu & I (Spëncer & Hïll Remix)
Great vocals, great electro-house.

3. Spëncer & Hïll - I Wänt Yöu (Mäurizio Gubëllini Remix)
This remix fixed everything I didn't like from the original, that bassline adds so much as well.

4. Flö Rïda - Aväilable ft Akön (Bënny Bënassi Remix)
I would've never listened to this track had Bënny not taken a stab at it.

5. Bäd Böy Bïll - Dö Whät U Lïke ft Alyssä Pälmer (Däve Audë Club Remix)
A lot of people went crazy for their other collaboration, but this did it for me.

6. Spëncer & Hïll - Yöung Löve (Original Mix)
Really cool stuff

7. Vëerus & Mäxie Dëvine ft Jänice Röbinson - Drëamer '09 (TV Röck Remix)
Love the vocal breakdown. Sounds so big.

8. Vënus Jönes - Obsëssed (Funkk Frïkz Remix)
I didn't know this was a Mariah rework till much later, nice electro-house.

9. Steve Angëllo, Axwëll, Sëbastian Ingrösso, Laïdback Luke ft Dëborah Cöx - Lëave The Wörld Bëhind
This track makes me want to jump in the air, Ibiza or Miami air to be precise.

10. Dävid Guëtta ft Këlly Röwland - Whën Löve Täkes Over
I remember everyone desperately trying to find a quality version of this track and then releasing it, how big it was at the moment. I knew it'd be huge but unfortunately it didn't have the staying power.

Honorable Mentions:
Sneaky Sound System - 16 (TV Rock & Luke Chable Mix)
Adam K - You're Not Alone
Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Eddie Thoenick Remix)
Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Our Night (Sultan & Shepard Remix)
John O'Callaghan ft Audrey Gallagher - Take It All Away (Marcus Schossow Nu Prog Remix)
Jaybee - Suddenly (Houseboy Remix)
Temper Traps - Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)
David Guetta ft Akon - Sexy Bitch
Wolfgang Gartner - Push & Rise
Major Lazer feat. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor
Santiago Moreno - Optico (Paul Anthony & Zxx Remix)
Little Boots - Meddle (AC Slater & DJ Skeet Skeet Remix featuring Goldielocks)
Inna - Love (DJ Andi Remix)
Bass Kleph vs Will I Am ft Snoop Dogg - Keyboard Donque (No Face & Rustik Club Mix)
Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Benny Benassi Remix)
David Guetta, Ingrosso, Dirty South ft Julie McKnight - How Soon Is Now
Bailey - Higher State (Christian Davies Remix)
Dominik De Leon vs Burhan G. - Everything Changes (Vocal Extended Mix)
Spencer & Hill - Finally Housebeat (DJ Antonio Bootleg Mix)
Stefano Gamma - Love Is The Boss (Benny Benassi Vocal)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Chocolate Salty Balls

*Rick Blaine - "Chocolate Salty Balls"

Mornïng aftër dark

*Tïmbaland - "Mornïng aftër dark (khan edison remix)"
I always look forward to anything sent to us by our friend Khan because I know he'll never disappoint!

Pretty Woman

*Roy Orbison - "Pretty Woman (2009 sauekid remix)"

*Bloom 06 - "Move your body (bloom 06 2009 live concept)"
Eiffel 65 reworq

*Rico vs Ace of Base - "Cruel Summer (2009 original club mix)"

Watch the Sunrise

*Axwell feat. Steve Edwards - "Watch the Sunrise (beat thrillerz remix)"


*Crisp Biscuit - "Apache"
Old-Schoolers will recognize the same sample used by the Sugarhill Gang back in the day.

*Serial Thrilla - "Get up (2009 original mix)"
Samples Kool & the Gang - "Celebration"

*Dizzee Rascal - "Dirtee Cash (nick galea remix)"

*Topmodelz - "Your Love (2009 matt farell remix)"
Electro-House reworq of The Outfield hit.

Föund You

New look, same ole shit. We got some good new tracks today. Enjoy the new site and new sounds.

Axwëll vs Shäkedown - I Föund You At Nïght (Dubfïre vs P.Cärillo Rework)
Big work, big sound, big name. Really slick house mash.

Alëx Aäyz ft Evi - Häte Tö Löve (Andy Härding Remix)
Sounds like a damn good club track with some dirty electro.

Jämes Tödman - Prëtend (Thomäs Härt Remix)
Sounds so good, vocal breakdowns and some bass heavy electro.

Döoze Jäckers - Göt Lïne!
Reminiscent of some Major Lazer kinda stuff.

Monday, December 28, 2009


*Madonnä vs David Guettä - "Revölver (one löve club remix)"
Nice up-to-date sound for Madonna!

Mëet Me Halfwäy

*The Black Eyëd Pëas - "Mëet Me Halfwäy (rïchard vïssion solmatïc remix)"

Fäce Dröp

*Seän Kïngston - "Fäce Dröp (jöhnny vïcious club mix)"


*Iyäz - "Repläy (jäson nevïns club mix)"

Bang Bang

*DCX - "Bang Bang Bang"

*Chubby Dude - "So Good (uk wild mix)"

*Tom Pulse - "Turn me on (d kings remix)"

*Pussy Rockers - "Fuck u like a ...(belmond & parker remix)"


*CF - "Safety Dance (2009 resource remix)"
Remake of the Men Without Hats hit! It has sort of a Tribalish/Electro-House feel.

*Topmodelz - "Two Princes (2009 paramond remix)"
I never much liked the original by the Spin Doctors, but this reworq makes it palatable.


*Carina Dahl - "Screw (2009 extended mix)"

*Cope - "Your love is too much (john karen remix)"

*Bart B More vs DJ Kool - "Make Some Noise (nadastrom rework)"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gët A Rëaction

I need to get caught up on DE tracks. Darryl's massive onslaught today has me very excited. I needed to drop these tracks from my playlist, all top notch. Enjoy.

Flämboyant Bëlla - Gët A Rëaction (Breakdown Vocal Remix)
Playful, electro-house, something different too.

Dävid Guëtta vs Axwëll & Dïrty Söuth - The Wörld Is Mïne 09 (Pëtya-8 Bootleg)
Damn good/big mashup.

Späce Cöwboy ft Päradiso Gïrls - I Cäme 2 Pärty (Stärkillers Remix)
Definitely a party track. Definitely electro.

Jës - Lövesong (Cösmic Gäte Remix)
A great trance remix of The Cure's hit.

Lädy Gäga - Bäd Romänce (Fëlippe Sënne Remix)
Bandwagon posting here. I like Felippe's version a lot.

Bäd Romänce

*Lädy Gäga - "Bäd Romänce (dave äude club remix)"

Titty Shake

*Jayforce - "Titty Shake (2009 original mix)"

*Melleefresh & Cyber Sutra - "White Trashy & Blonde (danny jay remix)"

*Ctrl Z & Freestylers feat. Navigator - "Ruffneck (2009 original mix)"

*Dandyskills - "Default Groove (2009 original mix)"

Your Love

*Hatïras - "Your Love (2009 original mix)"

*Erïc Prydz feat Adeva - "In and out (2009 eric prydz remix)"

*DJ Discïple - "Big Beautïful Women (jason rivas love from spain remix)"

*Dion Mavath - "Keep on loving me (2009 original mix)"


*Bläck Box feat. Loleattä Hollowäy - "Rïde on Time (2009 bass weäzal tribal mix)"
Excellent remix of this dancefloor classic. The Big-Room DJ's should jump right on this one!

*Hardrive - "Deep Inside (harry choo choo romero's fun in the sun remix)"
Another one for the big rooms!

*Chrïs Kaeser feat. MaxC - "Back to the Rhythm (2009 show present remix)"

*Crazy Brothers - "The Beat is Workin' (2009 extended mix)"

Friday, December 18, 2009

Calling You

*Pärker - "Cälling Yöu (original mix)"
I just discovered this track from 2008 that I could not let pass by. Not sure how to really describe it, but it is amazing. I would love to know the feedback on this one.

*Pëter K feat. Shäntiman - "Wörk ït out (dj khärma original mix)"
Guaranteed Eargasm

*Yvël and Trïstän - "Hëart & Söul (2009 original mix)"

*Söphie 5 Stärs - "Gïve ït to më (pëter khärma & andrëw m vocal mix)"
Big-Room potential with this one.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dïrty Tälk

Really a hodgepodge of tracks in this post. It's been a while since Darryl and I posted anything because there's just been a real lack of quality tracks to be honest, I blame it on the time of year. Anyways, here's what caught my ear. Enjoy.

Wyntër & Dävid Guettä - Dïrty Tälk (Radio Edit)
Real nice house track perfect for the club, don't know about the radio with these lyrics though

Mötorcycle - As Thë Rush Cömes (Däniel Kändi Antön Fïrtich Dïvine Remix)
Huge sound, trancey and with a big breakdown and beautiful vocals

Mëdina vs LMFAO - Yöu & I (Adz Re-Edit)
Cool laidback mash-up of one of the best tracks of the year.

DJ Antöine - Undërneath (VIP Remix)
Soft remix with a huge focus on the vocals but a kicking electro house bassline too.

Lost in your Eyes

*Andy Duguid feat. Donna & Anthony - "My Number (oliver lang remix)"

*Den J Rose - "Lost in your eyes (2009 original mix)"

*Daylight - "Put your hands (2009 original mix)"

*Aquazoo Project - "Shake it (2009 club mix)"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Excuse Më

These picture are always ridiculous, though now I kinda like 'em. Anyways, I've got some solid tracks. Enjoy.

Dävid Pënn & Röbert Gäez ft Shëilah Cuffy - Dëep Insïde (Nïck & Dänny Chätelain Remix)
Solid track.

The Iän Cärey Pröject - Gët Shäky (ëSquire Remix)
Another great remix from a very talented man.

Spëncer & Hïll - Excuse Më (Original Mix)
I'll have to listen in more but it doesn't sound as huge as I'd expect. It has a hiccup and a voice-over as well.

Lä Röux - In För The Kïll (Iänizer & Lëmethy Remix)
A very nasty electro remix.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Fëeling

Some fresh tracks sorted from masses over the weekend. And on a sidenote, I'm noticing more House tracks. Is it just my tastes right now leading me back or is the House music recession almost over? Either way, enjoy.

Sïdney Sämson - Rïverside (Wärren Clärke Remix)
Fresh twist that's sure to kill.

Junior Jäck - My Fëeling (Scolin 2010 Remix)
Deeper driving beat tunes up this blast from the past.

Märtin Sölveig - I Wänt You (Läidback Luke Remix)
House goodness, Läidback Luke earned his keep on this one.

Sölitaire ft. Kätherine Ellïs - Yöu're Mïne (Club Mix)
Real nice old school House sound.

Ström - Därum (Elëctrixx Remix)
Electro-house filth.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Born to Disco

*Robbie Steel - "Born to Disco (remaster)"
This will be a nice track to throw out to your crowd. Once they recognize the famous bassline, they'll go crazy. Thanks to our friend Robbie Steel for sharing this one with us! You should be hearing his voice around here very soon!

*Dani l Mebius & Billy the Klit - "Work this pussy (2009 original mix)"

Big-Room potential on the next 2 traxx.
*Bebe Zahara Benet - "I'm the shit (ralphi rosario vocal mix)"

*Digital Affair - "I'm your dj (2009 extended mix)"

Friday, December 4, 2009


Held out until I had a slew of tracks to throw at you. This one's a very house-centered post minus the fourth and final track. Enjoy.

Dävid Wäxman - Lïft Me Up (Flood)(Stëphan Luke Remix)
Järs of Cläy reworked then remixed, nice solid house track.

Yëap - Dänce För Me Höuseboy (Sïncere Söund Remix)
Got turned on to this one a while back, now I've got it in 320kbps. Excellent.

Cärl Kënnedy - RöcknRolla (Nïck Gälea Remix)
After this week when I see Gälea's name, I know I'll have to give it a listen.

Dr. Höllywood - Wë Run LA (Dance Remix)
Forget the mainstream, this soft smooth track's got it all. Hip-Hip/R&B/Electro/80's