Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Blow-out

Looks like I had a better week than Steven in finding things to post.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tina More - "Touch Me"

Glamm - "Overheated (templars mix)"

David Latour - "Friday Night (madeon mix)"

Dadä Life - "Cookïes With A Smïle (Layray Remix)"

Alan Mäster T - "People Hold On (dim chris remix)"

Matïsse - "Better Than Her (Jason Nevins Extended Hybrid)"

Blue Räy feat. Jïmmy Sommerville - "You and me (seamus hajï remix)"


Meatball Remedy - "Louder"

Access Denied & MC Incyte - "My life (2010 original mix)"

Big Bang Breaks - "Rappers Fright (grandmaster mash mix)"
Sugarhill Gang

Musïc is my therapy

Whitesïde & Slin Pröject - "Musïc is my therapy (2010 club mix)"

Millennïum - "You are the one (2010 juan martinez remix)"

Danny feat. Lucïo - "Can't Get Enough (2010 disco fanatics remix)"

Whïskey Pete vs Söundpusher - "Wanna get next to you (2010 original mix)"

Good Times

Same title, different songs! Just good house music.

Roll Deep - "Good Times (soulmakers remix)"

Robert Abigail feat. Miss Autumn Leaves - "Good Times"

Get on the Floor

Here are some nice party traxx for the Top40 clubs!

Kÿrah - "Uh Oh (2010 digital dog mix)"

Felgük feat. Sporty-0 - "2nïte (2010 original mix)"

Groove State - "Get on the floor (domia7rix club mix)"

Kwan Hendry feat. Max Urban - "You're all I need (christopher's & mike candys remix)"

Kellÿ Röwland

Kellÿ Röwland feat. Davïd Guettä - "Commänder (extended dance mix)"
David stays on his hot streak...this time helping Kelly to blow up the club!

Dïsco & Stïlletos

Not a lot of great tracks out and about this week but the ones I grab hold of are solid! Enjoy.

Brëw Rämson - Dïsco & Stïlletos (Anggër Dïmas Remix)

Spot on, a blast of energy.

Ushër ft wïll.i.äm - OMG (Alväro Dïrty House Bootleg)
Desperately needed something. Alväro did it.

Bënny Bënassi ft Këlis - Späceship (Alëx Gäudino & Jäson Rööney Remix)

Moving remix!

Monday, May 24, 2010

RetroActive Mixxx

  • Khan Edison - "Simply Khan"
  • Mïchael Jackson - "Bëat it (short circuit remix)"
  • Combö de le Muërte - "Hïghway to Hell (relïght orchestra remix)"
  • Natalïe Parker & James Edwards feat. Trudï Mosïamo - "Love is a Battlefïeld (dr rïloh's mix)"
  • Kansäs - "Carry on my waywärd son (valëncy & zuolögy remix)"
  • Mëck feat. Dïno - "Feels like a Prayër (2010 original mix)"
  • Bootmastërs - "Frïends (just be good to me) [andy la toggö back to the school cut]"
  • Karl Wölf - "Afrïca (2010 bodybangers remix)"
  • Whitenoïze - "Burnïn' (2010 original mix)"
  • Bon Jovï - You gïve love a bad name (2010 tony pryde remix)"
  • 3 Mïnds Twïsted feat. Sharön May Lïn - "Somethïng's going on (fanelli & burra something mix)"
  • Stëfy de Cïcco feat. Andrew I - "I lïke to move it (2010 synth remix)"
Darryl Von Rokk - "RetroActive Mixxx"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Chrïstina Aguïlera feat. Nickï Mïnaj - "Woohöo"
I am loving this track off the new Christina CD. Back in funky mode, this one should keep the Top40 clubs hopping all summer!!
Guaranteed Eargasm!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Mark Morrïson feat. Warrën G - "B'day (club mix dirty edit)"
The Top40 clubs should get plenty of birthday shout-out requests for this one.

Altered Grooves - "I need you tonight"

Disaster Beats - "People Breaks"
Samples Alan Master T - "People Hold On"

Deelux - "Hot Hot Hot (2010 wideboys mix)"
Uh,'s Hot!

Young Riot

Here is another one that was sent our way!

The Boston-bred Young Riot, aka Mr. I’m So Yes, has already tagged himself with a familiar slogan and has gained national attention with features in Source Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly at the ripe age of 21. His versatility in music as an artist capable of catering to both underground and major label markets has earned him the title of being the first ever previously unsigned artist signed to Amalgam Digital. This track samples Salt n Pepa - "Push it"

Young Riot - "So Wavy"

Fuel Box

I want to thank Fuel Box for sending us this track because it is sure to fuel up your engine…

Underneath producer Bone Four Oh’s dark mix of dub and hip-hop lay the foundations of catchy & bluesy songs. Singer Lil’Bucket’s wide-range vocals give the short but powerful tunes a psychedelic and soulful edge.

Together they generate a sound that is best described as if a 60’s Soul singer and a latter day hip-hop producer cut an album together in 70’s Jamaica. In short: Dark, raw Soul.

Fuel Box - "The One"

Good Chärlotte

Junïor Sanchez feat. Good Chärlotte - "Elevätor (2010 original mix)"

Junïor Sanchez feat. Good Chärlotte - "Elevätor (narï & milanï remix)"

Junïor Sanchez feat. Good Chärlotte - "Elevätor (2010 alexänder technïque remix)"


And this is the start of the week post. Enjoy

Afröjack & Dävid Güetta - Löuder Thän Wörds (Original Mix)
Finally a decent copy of this massive track to play in the clubs.

Päul Thömas & Sönny Whärton - I Wänna Bë With Yöu Evëryday feat. Säm Jönes (Mänuel Dë Lä Märe Remix)
A true summer progressive hit, think you'll have to agree.

Bömbs Awäy - Bïg Böoty Bïtches
This isn't a standalone but it seems like it will come in real handy between dropping massive electro tracks.


Hey guys, I really need to get caught up so this one's for last week. Enjoy.

Këlis - Bräve
Unbelievably cool.

Bënny Benässi feat. Këlis, Apl.Dë.Ap & Jëan Bäptiste - Späceship (Original Mix)
Massive tune!

Däve Wrängler - C'mön to Cäli (Dïplo vs Tïësto vs Nötorious B.I.G.)
So current, so different, so good.

Rïck Jämes - Gïve It To Më Bäby (Gläsnost Remix)
Funky indie electronica remix of the super freak.

Wïley feat. J2K & Jödie Cönnor - Elëctric Böogaloo (Fïnd A Way)

Grimey pop.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Chase Devereaux - "Boom Box"

Clubzound - "Dirty Beatz (re work remix)"

Simone Pisapia & DJ True - "House Music (carlo cavalli & danny caliro remix)"

DJ Spyne & Pippo Palmieri - "Hold you tonight (2010 extended mix)"

B.O.S. feat. Dot Comma - "Hold out (2010 paki & jaro remix)"
There aren't many Prog-House tracks that I will recommend, but this one I will.


Lädy Gäga feat. Beÿonce - "Telëphone (crookërs remix)"

Prodïgy - "Smäck My Bïtch Up (2010 jim pävloff remix)"

La Bouchë - Be My Lovër "(dj alex samoilov extended mix)"

Mïssy Ellïot - "Get ur frëak on (2010 chocolatë pumä & anträx sounds remix)"


Tony G - "Miami"
Will Smith

Devine & Emilyplay - "Vanilla Breakz"
Vanilla Ice

DJ Tom Hopkins feat. Samara - "Living on a Prayer (2010 club mix)"
Bon Jovi

E-rock feat. Charlene & Rob Money - "Like The Way I Do (the mobb remix)"
Melissa Etheridge

Rock to the beat

Darïus & Fïnlay feat. Nïcco - "Rock to the bëat (2010 video mix)"

Darïus & Fïnlay feat. Nïcco - "Rock to the bëat (2010 alex m extended club mix)"

Back in Black

Paul Harris vs Eurythmïcs - "I want you (2010 max sanna & steve pitron mix)"

Knightshock - "Things can only get better (2010 club mix)"
Howard Jones

Sawyer vs. Ryan D - "Back in Black (dabo extended remix)"

Sawyer vs. Ryan D - "Smoke on the Water (sawyer extended remix)"
Deep Purple

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hopelessly Devoted

Blackout - "Hopelessly Devoted (2010 hy grade mix)"
This track has been on repeat for a week now. Not anything that you're going to throw on the floor for others to dance to...but it's cool nonetheless! Uses some lyrics from Olivia Newton John's "Hopelessly Devoted to You."

Jay Eyed Keys - "Empire State Of Feeling (djs From mars club remix)"

Freeplay - "Down (2010 gordon & doyle mix)"
Excellant remake of the Jay Sean hit!

Soulfunky - "I kissed a girl"
Just as the name of the artist implies, this Katy Perry reworq is funky and soulful

One Shot

Clubcrushers presents Ricky J - "Whatta Night"
This track should get nice play at the Top40 hot spotz!

Jason Born - "One Shot (thomas you crystal rock mix)"

DJ Evil feat. Jolly Axe - "Be Mine Tonight (2010 jolly axe remix)"

Mats Mattara feat. Dr. Feelx - "World of Rock (club mix)"
Samples Guns & Roses, but it's the female "Oh" sample that gets me everytime.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovï - "You Gïve Love A Bad Name (2010 tony prÿde remix)"

Ladies Night

The following are some really nice traxx to keep the party going, filled with familiar samples! You'll never know what you will hear in them!

Copkïllers - "Bevërly Hïll"

Salt n Pëpa - "Push it (electro deejay remix)"

Cyndï Laupër - "Gïrls just wanna have (mïami mashup)"

Klubbdeejaÿs - "Ladïes Night (2010 electro house dj version)"

Glasses at Night

Time to get your Break on!

Dis E - "Dirty Cash"

Altered Grooves - "Lithium"

Big Deal - "Glasses at night"

DJ Deekline & Red Polo - "Shake it up, baby"

DJ Deekline & Red Polo - "Let the music play"


Not the most pioneering week in music thus far but we can always find a few that are spot on. Enjoy.

Estëlle - Frëak (Plästik Fünk Remix)
Really good remix of this one, with a funky 90s house sound

Vïctoria - Sö Invïncible (Mässimo Nöcito & DJ Onëgin Radio Mix)

This one sounds more like a mashup with some Güetta than a remix.

Tïm Sänchez - Nö Möre Pärty (Club Mix)
I'm so late on this one but I'm putting it up if anyone else missed it.