Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Only Yöu

Got some new tunes for the hump day. Enjoy.

Däve Därell - I Jüst Wänna Lïve (Dëniz Köyu Remix)
Huge sound! Great breakdown, great vocal, looking forward to more remixes.

Dävid Güetta - Jüst A Lïttle Möre Löve (Whëlan & Di Scäla Terrace Mix)
Probably the best remix out there of this one, great prog-house.

Käskäde & Tïësto ft Häley - Only Yöu (Käskäde Remix)
The new album's out, this is a real soft prog bonus track off it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010


I found some cool tracks, so I get to drop another late week post. Also the video is courtesy of Dan Clare. His new track's set to be released in three months, July 9th on Noiseporn but he sent us a preview and it sounds like really damn good. Enjoy.

Spëncer & Hïll - Cool (Ozï Remix)

Holy shit, this one sounds great.

Rüini, Möra & Märchesini ft Dënis J Axl - Päradise Cïty (Räf Märchesini Mix)
Darryl peaked my interest, these guys really did a great job with this one.

Därio Nünez ft Hëctor Rödriguez - Frësa (Original Mix)
Just a nice rolling track for early in the set.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Internet Kïlled Televïsion

Easy Toÿs - "Internet Kïlled Televïsion"
Not everyone will appreciate this one, but it certainly caught my ear....and that's why I am going to share it. Give it a try.

Däda Life - "Cookïes with a smïle (2010 original mix)"

Punk Rolla - "Grapevïne"
Hyper-Kinetic reworq of the Marvin Gaye hit.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Darryl Von Rokk - Crash the Party Mixxx

I've been really lax in posting my mixxxes, so I will start with one of the older ones because I like it.....and it still sounds fresh, IMO!

  1. Mark Morrïson - Return of the Mack (spencer & hïll remix)
  2. Kläas vs Haddaway - What is Love (fee dee bootleg mix)
  3. Dab feat. Sushy - Grease (diego abaribi & paolo sandrini club mix)
  4. Aerosmith - Dream On (BeMax & whilliam rise remix)
  5. Laurant Wolf - Walk the Lïne (club mix)
  6. Funkerman - Fallïng in love (rec & rec extended remix)
  7. Ultra Flïrt - The tïme is now (max k remix)
  8. Sir-G feat. DeeCee - I Can Dream About You (extended mix)
  9. Alkatraz - Abracadabra (boost extended mix)
  10. Detroit Inc. - Turn me loose (extended club mix)
  11. Bon Jovï - You Give Love (nikko v club remix)

Darryl Von Rokk - "Crash the Party Mixxx"

Höuse Müsic

My 200th post! That's pretty legit. I've put together a boatload of dance tracks to get us pumped up. Enjoy!!!

Sïmone Pïsapia, DJ Trüe - Höuse Müsic (Cärlo Cävalli & Dänny Cäliro Remix)
Spëncer & Hillesque electro house. Thanks Kope!

Flïght of The Cöncords - 2 Mäny Dïcks On The Däncefloor (St. Bëethoven Remix)

Subtly let 'em know whats up with an absolute banger!

Käskade & Tämra - Angël On My Shöulder (Fünkerman Mix)
I'm just now starting to fall hard for the beautiful tracks Käskade turns out.

Töm & Gräde - Röck All Nïght (Dävid Püentez & Hänna Hänsen Göing Wild Edit)

'Bäss Kïck in Mïami' sounding, so yeah I'd say they're going wild.

D.O.N.S. - Dröp the Gün (Grëgori Klösman & Dänny Wïld Remix)

Make 'em jump! Blast the fog machines.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Traïn - "Heÿ Soul Sïster (karmatronic club mix)"

Roof is on Fire

Retrodance - "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (2010 ariel perazzoli remix)"
Extremely well done reworq.

Horny United - "Nobody (If I Can't Have You) [2010 dj jeroenski remix]"

Dirty Politics Vs The Nycer - "Call of The Dogs Out (2010 thomas r bootleg)

Whiteside & JMS - Roof Is On Fire (2010 jorge martin s & whiteside electro jam mix)"


Klaäs - "Downtöwn (2010 radio edit)"
I'm looking forward to the extended mixx, as well as other remixes of this nice track!

South Boyzz! - "Lost 2010 (original mix)"

The Noise feat. Xamplify - "Shake it (2010 original mix)"

3 Minds Twisted feat. Sharon May Linn - "Twisted"
If you liked their remake of Frida's - "There's something on" that I just recently posted, you should enjoy this track as well.

Drive Me Insane

Odahl - "Hold Me"
This track just holds me and won't let go. I'm a sucker for Repetitious-House.

Jeremy De Koste - "Drive Me Insane (2010 franck dona remix)"

Jeremy de Koste - "Drive me insane (jeremy kalls remix)"

The last 2 are Breakz:

Big Bang Breaks - "Miami Bitch"

Boots R Us - "Lady Dance"

Something's Going On

There are a ton of remakes coming out now. Here are some of the better ones. I especially like the first 2.

3 Minds Twisted feat. Sharon May Linn - "Something's going on (2010 fanelli & burra something mix)"

3 Minds Twisted feat. Sharon May Linn - "Something's going on (2010 fratty & burra house mix)"

Greenpower feat. Ely Morelli - "What Is Love (uppermost remix)"

Power Unit feat. Evee G - "I'm Not In Love (2010 original mix)"

Frenk DJ & Joe Maker - "Self Control (2010 max carra remix)"
Laura Branigan

Monday, April 12, 2010


While you're downloading the new remix below, now would be a good time to share my favorite Evanescense song "Good Enough." Not to mention that Amy looks especially beautiful in this video!

Evanëscence - "Brïng Me To Lïfe (2010 dj toxa electro mix)"

The Prodïgy

The Prodïgy - "Smäck My Bïtch Up (2010 dj nejtrino & dj stranger dub mix)"

Disco Balls

The first 2 traxx will fit nicely into the Top40 Clubs.

Henry Blank - "In my head (2010 original mix)"

Orangez - "Rock that body (krist voss remix)"

Booty Chicks - "Disco Balls"
Samples Who Da Funk - "Shiny Disco Balls"

Ramon Tapia - "This Groove (2010 original mix)"
...and what a groove it is!

Jonni Black vs Shena - "Take me higher (2010 original mix)"
Really nice Vocal-House track!

Rëd Hot Chilï Peppërs

Rëd Hot Chilï Peppërs - "Calïfornication (2010 kontrastt electro remix)"

Justïn Tïmberlake

Justïn Tïmberlake feat. T.I. - "Sëxy Back (2010 shane deether club mix)"

Highway to Hell

A few interesting remakes to try out.

Combo de la Muerte - "Highway to Hell (relight orchestra remix)"

DJ Lawless vs Oliver Swab - "Push it again 2.1 (the mobb remix)"

Les Schmitz & Alex Del Amo - "We Are Family (2010 Original Mix)"
Sister Sledge

Bläst Off!

Another weekend has come and gone. Another couple of days here to pick up the pieces and gear up to do it all again. Here's a few tracks to start the week off right. This is also my 199th post, and you better believe that I'll make my 200th unforgettable. Enjoy.

Läzy Rïch & Hïrshee ft Lïzzie Cürious - Bläst Off! (Original Mix)
If you see Hïrshee on a track it's dirty electro, the vocals keep the madness in check.

JD Dävis & DJ Rälph - Gööd Thïng (Gëorge Acösta Mix)
Not quite the focus on vocals that Güetta gave him, nice club trancey house track though.

Rëd Fläg Pröductions - Këëpin' Ghösts Wärm
Sëan Päul v. Dëadmäu5, very well-fitting mashup.

Axmäu5 - Tögether Ströbe (Räve Rädio Bootleg)

Axwell v. Dëadmäu5, laidback since the backbeat is Ströbe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hit This Tiger Wood

DJ Timbo - "Hit This Tiger Wood (just do it)"
Good time to share this one...with Tiger hitting the course again at the Masters. Basically just a novelty song, but still might work good at the clubs this weekend.

Khan Edison

Forget 'Simply Khan.'
Khan is just 'Simply Amazing!'
He consistantly comes up with fantastic remixes! This one samples Simple Minds - "Don't you forget about me."
Digital Eargasm is very lucky that he sends us such great material!

Khan Edison - "Simply Khan"

The Dream

Tiger and Dragon - "The Dream (2010 niels van gogh remix)"
This might just be the best mix that samples parts of Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech.

Boocca Inc. - "Where is the love (alex m. club mix)"

South Blast feat. Paula P'cay - "Boys and Girls (disco freak increase remix)"

The Noise feat. Xamplify - "Shake it (2010 original mix)"

Grëen Day

Grëen Day - "Boulëvard Of Brokën Drëams (2010 solovey remix)"

...Girls Who Drink...

Global Deejays feat Ida Corr - "My Friend (club mix)"

Geo Da Silva feat. Tony Ray - "I Like The Girls Who Drink With Me"

DJ Bam Bam feat. Mr. Robotic - "Watch The Club Go (original mix)"

Chris Crime feat. Antonella Rocco - "Move me up (chris crime vs. mike candys original mix)"

Who Is Elvis?

Interactive - "Who Is Elvis? (2010 david amo & julio navas remix)"

Laurënt Wölf - "No Strëss (2010 dj beto oliver remix)"

Akön - "Këep You Much Longer (v1r00z remix)"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gö Gö Gö

Even more tracks! What a weekend! Enjoy.

Mäx Vängeli, AN21 & Jülie McKnight - Swëdish Bëauty's Dïamond Life (Säm Röss Bootleg)
As you'd expect, a nice house track on an epic scale.

Lëthal Bïzzle & Nïck Brïdges ft Lüciana - Gö Gö Gö (Club Mix)

Perfect for the party bar.

ATB - Lët U Gö (Alëx Astëro & Evän Säx Club Mix)

Really grooving house track

Agnës ft LMFAO - Rëlease Me (Pärty Röck Remix)
Phenomenal vocals, the track turns to electro with the LMFAO cameo, then fades out.

Rüde Böy

Phenomenal weekend. The dance floor on Saturday was absolutely out of control. Here's some tracks to help make this weekend just as great.

Rïhanna - Rüde Böy (GrööveshakerZ Remix)
Jämes Tödman's remix blew up the cBox, so here's another good one for y'all.

Oü Est Lë Swïmming Pool - Dänce the Wäy I Fëël (Armänd Vän Hëlden Club Mix)
Cool song, cool remix. Classic AVH style.

Rëd Fläg Pröductions - Excëëd The Möney
These are the kinda mashups I love, Mäson & Fëlguk vs. Bïrdman & Lïl' Wäyne

Wïley vs Kë$ha - Nëver Be Kë$ha (DJ rïckSTAR Fix)
Nëver Bë Yöur Wöman vs. Tïk Tök