Friday, January 29, 2010

Tîk Tôk

Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Dave Edwards Remix)
Excellent job by Dave on this one, it's a pleasure for me to post it. Go to his website to check out some of his remixes.
Dave Edwards

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Diablo Bloody Electro Mix Edit)
Cool remix, a little short though. It would need some tweaking to be inserted into a set.

Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom (Adam K & Soha Club Edit)
Once again superb work by Adam K and Soha, very progressive and excellent.

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (BuzZTech 2010 Remix)
Usable reworq, good job.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Time to throw down some traxx for the HouseHED's.

Bimbo Jones - "Freeze (bimbo jones junkyard mix)"

Daisy - "Everytime (2010 extended mix)"

The Mac Project feat. Threese - "Another Love (original mix)"

Tune Brothers - "I like it (2010 tune brothers mix)"

Debby Holiday & Jason Dottle - "Party round the world (2010 barry harris mixshow)"

Shake That Thing

Ke$hä - "Tïk Tök (hmm fucking melody remix)"

Laurent Wolf - "No Stress (2009 tayfun senol exclusive remix)"

Caudill And Turnipseed - "Shake That Thing (Original Mix)"

DJ Chick And Sanna Hartfield - "Break You Down (Original Mix)"

Girl you know it's true

Movetown - "Girl you know it's true (2010 instant move remix)"
Surprisingly well done remake that works well on it's own merits.

Locco Freakz! - "Hollaback Girl (2010 East Freaks Remix)"
Sounds close to the original vocals, so this one works pretty well.

Die Hoerer feat. Atomic Playboys - "Black Betty (2010 ph electro remix)"
The nice tribal beat makes this remake somewhat decent considering that the vocals are not that good.

Supershake - "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [2010 alex twister extended mix]"
Another one where the vocals aren't that far off from the original.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Cän't Hëlp Myself

I've finally found good music to post! Luckily Darryl and Sinister went bat nuts crazy last week posting some good tracks. Hopefully this post will hit just as hard. Enjoy.

Vëgas Bäby! ft Käty Tïzzard - I Cän't Hëlp Myself (Esquïre's Offbeat Mix)
Yes sir! Big buildup to a solid house dance track. The intro sells it.

Räve Rädio - I Wänt Yöu (Bënny Elëctric Remix)
Solid and steady electro-house dance track.

Jäda - Amërican Cöwboy (Söund Accëss Remix)
Much nicer than the other remixes I've heard of it. Hits hard. Electro-house.

Your Webcam

Alison Rosen is your new best friend
I think I'm in love!

Thomas Cajal - "Your Webcam (2010 dick ray remix)"

Daft Punk - "Technologic (2010 lebatman rework)"

Candy Girl - "Czas (glamour dj's I'm a rockstar remix)"

MVSEVM - "French Jeans (2010 dada life remix)"

Robokids - "Kids (paramond extended mix)"

The Coolbreezers - "Take Me (djs from mars remix)"

Badboe vs Prosper - "Rock the beat (2010 original mix)"

Drummer Get Wicked

Actual Phantom - "Hear the drummer get wicked"

Altered Grooves - "Come get my lovin"

Beatvandals vs Mooqee - "Rock y'all"

Big Bang Breaks - "Mr. Sandman (head splitterz mix)"

Wöman On A Mïssion

Warming up the waters with these tracks. Enjoy.

Gäbriella Cïlmi - Wöman On A Mïssion (Wïdeboys Club Remix)
Sounds real nice, Wideboys did real well with it.

Crïsp Bïscuit - Apäche
Jump on it! Loads of energy.

Dävid Guettä - Sëxy Bïtch (Scölin Remix) takes this song away from the drunk sorority girls.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are two cool tunes that I thought you people could like.

Lady Gaga - Pokerface (Djs From Mars Remix)
It seems like these guys can do no wrong these days ...

M.I.A - Bucky Done Gun (Back Time Project Extended Mix)
Very nice vocals ... this one could work well in many situations ...

Big Fun

Here are 4 solid tunes ...

Timbaland Vs Nirvana - Smells Like Morning After Dark (Djs From Mars Club Remix)
Very club friendly ...

Les Schmitz & Alex Del Amo - We Are Family (Original Mix)
Cool tribal-like beat and use of the original vocals ... cool tune!

Kid Massive Ft Elliotte Williams Ndure - Thru The Fire (Original Mix)
This one will grow on you, give it a try.

Kevin Saunderson - Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Don't know if it's new or anything, just stumbled upon it while looking for other stuff ... very true to the original, which is one of the coolest tune of all time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Thing

DJ Felli Fel feat. Tone Loc - "Feel it wild thing"

Davïd Guettä feat. Akön - "Sexy Bïtch (souljackers dutch remix)"

DJ LBR - "He The Man (club mix)"

Funky Town

Big Bang Breaks - "Funky Town"
Lipps Inc. becomes Breakz Inc.

Audiostalkers - "Moshpit (original mix)"
Awesome sounds fill up this banger! Another one that incorporates a little 90's feel into their track.

Francois Devois feat. Lizzy B - "Another light out (oracle boyz remix)"
Noize-House at it's finest! Give this one a chance. It will grow on you!

Crisp Biscuit - "Renegade"

Through the Mail

I got some nice remixes through the mail, I think it's time to share. :)

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Def Stunt 2010 Remix)
Dark and moody, I dig it because it sounds different from what we're usually getting these days.

L'amour La Morgue - Shout (L'amour La Morgue Edition)
I like these two, they're cool and they make great remixes. Go see them at :

Pitbull Vs Salvador Reynoso - I Know You Want Me [Calle Ocho] (Salvador Reynoso Remix 2010)
I don't know why but this remix has an old-school feeling to it.

Redroche Vs Primal Scream - Downtown (Redroche Bootleg)
Very nice refix. Go see them at :

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Like Fire

Max K - "U Freak Me (2010 alex m. remix)"

Photon Inc. - "Generate Power (2010 original club mix)"
This one has a nice 90's feel to it.

Kama Qu & Dustindl feat. MC 4Rensick - "Let's Make It Hot (Original mix)"

Tap Tap & Minus 8 feat. Billie - "Hot like fire (2010 swen weber vs nogales remix)"


The first 2 are nice Disco-House traxx. The last 2, by Alex M, lean slightly more to the Electro-House side.

The Silver Disco - "Send Me Out For Love"

Joey Chicago - "Magic (thor been remix!)"

Alex M - "Feel The Heat (2010 club mix)"

Alex M - "Hot Looking Babes (2010 club mix)"

Must be the Music

Michael Feiner - "Must Be The Music (extended mix)"
Decent Prog-House

Ray & Anita - "In da name of love (2010 extended mix)"

Julien Creance - "Take a look (2010 h1n1 remix)"

Kriss Raize feat. Kdeeja - "Feeling Funky (2010 extended mix)"

Dj Red & Josh Dupont

Here are two remixes from our friends Dj Red & Josh, who never disappoint! The 2nd remix I featured in the music player a few months back because it is only 128 bits....but you can pick up the 320 here. It
is well worth it!

Midnight Oil - "Beds are Burning (2010 dj red and josh dupont club mix)"

Dj Red & Josh Dupont - "Our House (2009 club mix)"


Radïohead - "Crëep (jpod remix)"

Boogie Wonderland

Foundation - "Boogie Wonderland (2010 noll & kliwer travolta remix)"

DJ Antoine - "Every Breath (clubzound remix)"
Remake of The Police hit.

Dave Darell vs HiFi - Flash 2.9 (hi-fi original mix)"

Hitmeister D - "Looking Out For Love (2010 gabriel & castellon mix)"

State of Mind

Kasha - "Empire State of Mind (The England Comeback)"
New York City had it's salute. Now it's London's turn!

Ludoloza feat. Maga Lee - "Are you ready (2010 club mix)"
Samples the chant in Seven Nation Army very effectively!

Ludoloza feat. Maga Lee - "Are you ready (2010 kristof tigran remix)"

Jupiter - "Mama Used To Say"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Vibrations

Time to bust out the Breakz!

The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations (stanton warriors remix)"

Jinx - "Higher (original mix)"
Samples Stereo MC's - "Elevate my Mind"

Slynk - "Ooh The Noise"
Slick mash of The Wiseguys & Public Enemy. Nicely done.

Pants on the Ground

It was just a matter of time before a remix came along of the big hit from the new season of American Idol that exploded onto the scene.

General Larry Platt - "Pants on the Ground (dj spin remix)"

Rancho Pussy

Sanders & Dön Paco G - Ranchö Pussy (Slin Project Electro Remix)
Perfect for the club, where there are lots of women! ;)

Tag Tëam with Doodge & Vipër - Whoömp! There It ïs (Extended Mix)
Nice elektro remix of this legendary tune

Pablo Calamarï ft Veliciöus - Think About Yöu (St Pauli Remix)
I chose this remix because it was the most special, all sorts of things are going on in this one.

Blaster Thomas - The Sax
Sax banger! This tune is cool period.

Really Hot

Aaron Devis - I'm Really Hot (Club Mix)
Nice club tune, it should do the job.

Avril Lavigne - Innocence (Matan Dror Remix)
Good club tunes, people may like it since they will recognize the original.

Barbara Tucker - Feelin Like A Superstar (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Classic dance stuff.

Bigbadbaz - So Many Nights (Original Mix)
It samples something I can't remember ... if you do just tell me in the comments. It has an old time vibe to it, give it a try.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friday Night

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cassian - "Friday Night"
Great reworq of the disco classic Bell & James - "Living it up (Friday Night)"

50 Cent vs. Alice Deejay - Better off alone technology
I haven't posted a mash-up for quite awhile. This one isn't too bad.

Dark Society - "Down Tonite (2010 70's house mix)"
Samples KC & The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight"

Pandora BX - "Bad Romance (hans-o-matik mix)"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beät It

Mïchael Jacksön - "Beät It (the blisters boyz remix)"


Linkin Park - Transformers New Divide (Dj Feder Remix)
A very generix elektro remix of an overplayed radio hit, what more could you ask for? ;)

The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Bart 2010 Remix)
This remix actually makes the original annoying vocals almost tolerable ;)

Mr. Halo - S'Express (Guenta K. Remix)
Not bad, the original holds a sentimental value so I decided to include it in this post. It's actually the first tune I was able to mix perfectly using vinyls back in the days :)

Alex Kidd - Unholy Grail
An intense remix using Carmina Burana ... it's been done a thousand times but this one sounds nice.

Junior Calderone - Hot In Herre 2010 (Calvins UK Master Mix)
A cheesy reworq, but hey, some people like them.


Here are 3 tunes that got lost in the shuffle. I really need to clean out my folders more often!

Prince - "Controversy (stupid fresh remix)"

Plumb - "Hang on (pete hammond extended mix)"
Samples Dead or Alive - "You spin me round"

Phunkless - "I Won't Let You Down (doc phatt remix)"

Girls who like girls

Alexis Darmon, Eran Hersh & George F - "Girls who like girls (original living room club mix)"
Big-Room potential with this one!

Chris Nasty - "Dedicated to the people (2010 extended remix)"

Captcha - "Gotta let you go (club mix)"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cöntrolling Me

Alright. Scrounged through the muck and found some decent, scratch that, kickass tracks. I also treated myself to a great release from last year that never picked up steam. Enjoy the quality.

Evërything But The Gïrl - Dëserts Mïss The Räin (DJ DLG Fantasy Mix)
Great remix of the original 90s beast. A little 80s noise, and prog house feel keeps it real.

Mïna Jäckson, Börn to Funk - USAY (Guy Röbin's Electric Vocal Mix)
Big house sound.

Röb Tëchnic - Cöntrolling Me (Chrïstian Dävies Remix)
House. Expecting Chrïstian to kill it in 2010.

Röb Tëchnic - Cöntrolling Me (Däz Bäiley Remix)
Progressive house. Great, great stuff.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi people, let's just say that I've been away for a long time. I had a lot of things going on but I'm now back and ready to contribute once again. It feels good to be back home ...

Even if my first post is very elektro club oriented I'll try to contribute in other genres as I was doing before taking my long break from the blog, hope you guys will enjoy my posts!

Happy 2010 everybody!

Fast Foot And DJ P.I.N. - Speakers Killer 6.0 (Original Mix)
This one should rock the place, very elektro and an heavy ass bass that will actually kill your speakers!

Girlicious Vs David Guetta - Sexy Ladies (2010 Martin and Souza Mix)
Basically the same tune but Girlicious on vocals ... if you got bored of the original you could always throw this one to your crowd, they might enjoy it.

Love Assassins - Drinking In La (Big In Ibiza Mix)
The original by Bran Van 3000 is such a classic, I couldn't pass on this one.

Sampler & Kohary - Seven Nation Army (Tim Sanchez Rmx)
Nothing exceptional with this one, but then again, one may need this just in case.


Alkatraz feat Amanda Wilson - "Surrender (richard grey club mix)"

Kelly Wills - "Gotta Keep Workin (georgies original club anthem)"

The Score - "Girls Gone Wild (eSQUIRE Club Mix)"


Adam Barta - "VIP (ranny vs the popstar club mix)"

Adam Barta - "VIP (dj russ harris extended mix)"

Dany Private - "Mucho Macho (rael borg remix)"

Coffeeshop DJs - "DJ Life"