Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Höld Tïght

Another week begins... Enjoy.

Jüstin Mïchael & Këmal - Hër Wörld Göes On (Dïgital Frëq Extended)
The original just seems like it's a radio hit, this electro version adds a little depth.

Bäymont Bröss, Fëral - Höld Tïght (Mïles Dÿson Remix)

This one's all over the place, electronic to electro house to straight electro

Kë$ha ft 3OH!3 - Bläh Bläh Bläh (Drëw G. & Brïan Cüa's Objectified Mix)
Drëw did a really nice one with this one, as always.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Mustard Pimp feat. Kali - "Cherry (blatta & inesha remix)"
Powerful track from MP that just destroys the dancefloor! Crank it up and prepare your ears for one hell of an Eargasm!!

The Fire and Reason - "This Isn't Love (per qx & tombstone remix)"
Another nice one that was sent into Digital Eargasm. Once the word got out that we post Quality traxx over quantity, we have been receiving some awesome ones!

Dance Nation - "Sunshine (mr basic & tony tweaker remix)"

Julissa Veloz - "Take Control (stede & hybrid heights mix)"

I wanna be loved by you

Marilyn Monroe look-alike, Suzie Kennedy, gets to show off her singing chops as well, doing her version of the famous Monroe ditty! The original mix has more of a big-floor feel, and should work well in the gay clubs. DJ Riky B does a nice Electro-House remix.

Franco Frassi feat. Suzie Kennedy - "I wanna be loved by you (2010 original mix)"

Franco Frassi feat. Suzie Kennedy - "I wanna be loved by you (2010 dj riky b remix)"

South Beach

Here are a few remakes/reworqz that you might be interested in.

Erick Mayer - "Like a prayer (ranucci and pelusi mix)"

Paul Ahi - "South Beach (original mix)"
This Prog-Electro-House track doesn't sample sraight from Will Smith's "Miami", but it does use some of that song's lyrics.

Qika - "I'm So Excited (coffee extended mix)"

FLIP - "Stomp (All Night) [aboutblank & klc remix]"

Bootmasters - "Friends (just be good to me) [2010 andy la toggo back to the school cut)"

Let's Groove

Killer remix sent our way from Igor & Pedja. I can't wait to hear more from these guys!

Earth, Wind & Fire - "Let's Groove (igor garnier & pedja yukyuk mix)"

Sïngle Ladïes

Beyönce - "Sïngle Ladïes (mïkro 'housebröthers' remix)"

The Bloodhoünd Gäng

This is a really nice Electro-House remix. I loved the CD (Hooray for Boobies) that the original was on, which everyone should own.

The Bloodhoünd Gäng - "The Bäd Toüch (dj slider & dj magnit remix)"

Do Ya Think I'm Sëxy

Rod Stëwart - "Do Ya Think I'm Sëxy (mïghtyfools remix)"

Just the right mix

Yash & Sanders - "We Gonna Be Free (original extended mix)"
Just the kind of Electro-House that I enjoy!

Dave Armstrong - "Make Your Move (mralee extended club mix)"

Limelight - "Ready or not (mondo dub mix)"

Dj Antention - "Gettt (original mix)"
Power Electro


LMFAO feat. Lïl Jon - "Shots (Mobïn Mäster mash)"

Black Eyëd Pëas vs. David Guëtta - "I Gotta Bitch (spaceships & bananas mashup)"

Steve Aokï feat. Zupër Blähq - "I'm In The House (fatman scoop & disco fries remix)"


Big Bang Breaks - "It takes two (safebreakaz mix)"

Big Bang Breaks - "Block Rockin Breaks"
The Chemical Brothers

Actual Phantom - "Off the wall"
Michael Jackson

Actual Phantom - "The Show"
Doug E. Fresh

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I don't normally post set-mixes, but the tracklist in this one looked impressive....especially since we've posted quite a few of them!

1. Böys Noïze - Oh! (a-trak remix)
2. Deadmäu5 feat. Rob Swïre - Ghösts N Stuff (extended mix)
3. DJ Bam Bäm feat. Mr. Robotïc - Watch The Club Gö
4. Edward Mayä feat. Alicïa - Stereö Love 2010 (pröma & sïde remix)
5. Iän Cärey feat. Michelle Shëllers - Keep On Risïng (d'azoo at night vs. hömmer mix)
6. R.I.O. - Serenäde 2010 (extended mix)
7. Clubzöund - Pac Man (happy house remix)
8. This Is How We Do Bmore (dj sc@rmixxed Bmore remix)
9. BEP - Röck That Body
10. Rihänna - Härd (jödy den bröeder club mix)
11. Disco Reasön - Hey Gïrl (loccö freakz official remix edit)
12. Actual Phantom - Smells Like Teen Breaks
13. Queen - We Wïll Rock You (cherry cöke remix)
14. Phïl Collïns - In The Aïr Tonïght (cure cause remix)
15. DJ Antoïne - Every Breath (clubzöund remix)
16. Crïsp Biscuït – Apache
17. Wölfgang's 5th Symphony - (original mix)
18. Vïrtual Groove vs. Cärl Orff - Carmïna Buräna (O Fortuna) [2009 mix]
19. Bob Sïnclar & Sahära feat. Shäggy - I wänna 2010 (extended mix)
20. Taïo Cruz feat. Ludacrïs - Break Your Heärt (wïdeboys club mix)
21. 50 Cënt - Bäby By Me (digïtal dog club mix)
22. Cheryl Cöle feat. Wïll.I.Am - 3 Wörds (döman & goodïng I love you edit)
23. Wäle feat. Lädy Gäga - Chïllin (wïdeboys club mix)



Some really nice Electro-House

Cändy Chris - "Pümp This! 2010 (2röck remix)"

Bäss Förce - "You Are My Hëaven (snöwdogs remix)"

Inner Sïgn feat. Svën Ridlëy - "Insäne (möndo remix)"

Fünkk Frïkz - "Girls Around The Wörld (dj ivän flash remix)"

Oräl Tunërz feat. Näan - "Till Yöu Drop (2010 xm dën electro remix)"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Prëtty Gïrls

This is like the major leagues of tracks. Really glad I stumbled across 'em. And yeah, I really like the redheads, even when they're dying their hair and dabbling in alcohol, drugs, and other girls. Enjoy the tracks.

Wäle ft Gücci Mäne - Prëtty Gïrls (Bënny Bënassi Remix)
This is really just a hip-hop track made dirty via Bënny.

Pëter Lüts - Thë Räin (Original Club Mix)
Big, epic, melodic progressive house banger.

Thë Höxtons - Chäkalaka (Original Mix)
Chäka Khän sampling, funky progressive track.

Dïzzee Räscal ft Cälvin Härris - Höliday (DJ S.cö Remix)
He snuck this out, but I found it. Nice work.

I Fëel Löve

Alright, so this week was music heaven. I have to say it's probably a mix of new sources and the WMC hooking up us up with everything they've been working on recently. Enjoy.

Wÿnter Gördon - Dïrty Tälk (Ocëlot Mix)

The most transformative mix of the lot, really cool shit.

Rhÿthm Mästers & MYNC ft Wÿnter Gördon - I Fëel Löve (Original Mix)

Speaking of shit, Holy shit! Huge buildup in this one but that's all it's got.

Ocëlot - Oür Tïme (Original)
Like the lyrics in this very electronic track

Jäson Dërulo - Whätcha Säy (Bïngo Pläyers Bootleg)

Really turns it into an early morning dance track.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


If you know what that picture's about than massive kudos for you. Loved that movie. Anyways found some tracks I really liked this week. DVR dropped an absolute gem with the Funkk Frikz remix of Let's Hear It For The Boy. These are a few of the other tracks that are in the playlist this week, all freaking awesome. Enjoy.

Röger Sänchez - 2Gëther (Original Mix)
Samples! Love the way he works in Löve Shäck and Right Hëre, Right Nöw.

Pëter Lüts - Thë Rain (Original Club Mix)
Epic! Lüts always can get people moving, this one's got it in spades plus a hook.

Läidback Lukë feat. Jönathan Mëndelsohn - Tïll Tönight (Original Mix)
Kinda the big deal of the moment and rightly so. Absolutely awesome.

Justïn Mïchael & Këmal ft Brunö Märs - Hër Wörld Göes On (Prod. by Dävid Guëtta)
From what everyone's been saying, you should like this. A pretty enjoyable mellow dance track.

Läzee ft Nëverstore - Höld On (Töm Rëason & Fäst Föot Pröject Radio Edit)
A little electro pop kinda thing going on here that I really like.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tïmbaland - "Eäse Off The Lïquor (luffy luf remix)"

Tïmbaland feat. Justïn Tïmberlake - "Cärryout (vïndata electro remix)"


Brooklyn Bounce, Alex M. & Marc Vän Dämme - "Cräzy (thomas you remix)"
Interesting remix of the Seal hit.

Linkïn Park - "Numb Encore (2010 härd2house club master mix)"

Jasön Dërulo - "In my hëad (tony prydë remix)"

Ron Rävolta - "Keep On Moving (pete sunset club mix"
How can you not like a name like Ron Ravolta.

Bläck Eyëd Peäs

Bläck Eyëd Peäs - "Immä Bë (julïen creänce remix)"

Bläck Eyëd Peäs - "Immä Bë (dj dän extended vocal mix)"


Bäckstreet Boys - "Everybody (Bäckstreet's Back) [DIGIKID84 remix]"
William (DigiKid84) keeps it real close to the original, but I'm going to support him as much as I can.

Däda Life - "Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction)[Original Mix]"
Dada Life have their own fun with the Benassi track!

Chips & Gold - "Let's Heär It for The Boy (funkk frikz remix)"
Deniece Williams

Clubzound feat. Robin S - "Show Me Love (2010 duda sänttos mash up mix)"

Jump Around

Ludäcris - "How Low (dj chäos remix)"

Another Me - "I äm the beat"

Big Bäng Breaks - "Jump Around"

Actual Phäntom - "Bäss Bottom Girls"


Always like to bring a bit of variety to my posts, this one's a virtual sampler platter. Enjoy.

Möndotek ft Cärlprit - Dïgiben (Original Mix)
1/3 Pïtbull + 1/3 Dävid Guëtta & Akön + 1/3 Robots = 1 Thumping Track

Tune Bröthers ft Tësz Mïlan - Hïgh Enërgy 2010 (Tune Bröthers Alërt Mix)
Solid house track with vocal breakdown

Bärt B Möre - Nöw Läy Aröund (PëaceTrëaty Këtchup Remix)
Get weird!!!

New Nëw New

Here are 2 of the better remixes from this smash.

Bob Sïnclar - "New Nëw New (2010 fïsher noman remix)"

Bob Sïnclar - "New Nëw New (2010 julïen crëance remix)"

People Dancing

Cäsh and Cärry - "Chänge (original mix)"

Fäctor Q - "People Däncing (dj marbrax remix)"

Kit dä Funk - "Freäk it (bernäsconi & farenthide remix)"

DJ Ortzy & Märk M feat. Aria - "Pärty in miami (2010 original mix)"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guaranteed Eargasms

I've been waiting for some traxx that I can say will be in my top ten for 2010, and I finally found some. These 2 will definitely be right there!

Alan Pride & Jeremy Kalls - "Feel alone (2010 syskey remix)"

Ron Carröll & Möna Lisa - "Dancïn (2010 rcs chï city original mix)"

Guaranteed Eargasms

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gët Lucky

The track title's way too appropriate to be posted on any other day than St. Patrick's Day.

Möbin Mäster - Gët Lucky (Möbin & Täte Sträuss Mïami Remix)
Got sent this pre-release the other day and it's a nice moving club track.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Undër The Shëëts

Eargasms! This week's shaping up to be a good one. I picked up a boatload of tracks and most of them were pretty damn good, music's changing this very moment for the better. Enjoy!

Ellïe Göulding - Undër The Shëëts (Chïddy Bäng Remix)
Alt awesomeness. Chiddy's the shit, Ellie's got some pipes, the song's great.

Lä Röux ft Hypër Crush - Bullëtproof (Hypër Crush Remix)
Hell yes, this definitely brings the party to this huge track.

Edwärd Mäya & Vïka Jïgulina - Stëreo Löve (Däve Rämone Club Mix)
This one's perfect minus a little bit of a unnecessary accordion usage. Real nice club stuff.

Pändora ft Blööm 06 - Kïtchy Kïtchy (Blööm 06 Remix)

Good solid dance track for clubs, not party bars.

Bïrdman ft Jäy Sëan vs Dëadmau5 & Mörgan Päge - Wrïtten On The Löngest Road (Yäyo Brothers)
Nice little mashup.

Friday, March 12, 2010



Davïd Guettä - "Memorïes (armand van helden vocal remix)"

Davïd Guettä - "Memorïes (donae'o remix)"


Mïchael Jacksön - "Don't stop (georgio schultz remix)"

Mïchael Jacksön - "Billïe Jean [The 2010 Sequel] (simon berkovitch mix)"

Big Bang

Big Bang - "Lollipop (part. 2)"

Boombox Saints

Boombox Saints - "She Got"

Tiger Eye

Madonnä - "Holïday (aleks remix)"

Yazoo - "Don't Go (2010 jake walmsley edit)"

Survivor - "Eye of the tiger (hot noizes bootleg)"

TrendSettaz feat. Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit (trendSettaz mix)"

You've been mashed

ACDC vs Ludicris - "Back in black, Bitches"

Black Eyed Peas vs Salt n Peppa - "Boom Boom Push It (mach 1 mash)"

Snoop Dogg Vs. Snap - "Rhythm Is A Gangsta (Djs From Mars Bootleg Remix)"

Eminem feat. Nate Dogg vs Queen - "Another one shakes that ass (john marr mash)"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break

Run DMC - "It's Like That (2010 boy house mix)"

Jump Smokers feat. Pïtbull - "Rock It Like It's Spring Break"
Fun party track!

Pïtbull - "Hotel Room Servïce (wesField electro remix)"

Technojoe - "Shake it down (2010 extended mix)"


ACDC - "T.N.T (dj izzy remix)"

Ekowraith - "Waiting For Tonight (djs from mars club remix)"

Beatbreaker - "On the run (2010 major tosh remix)"
Nice Rockin' Electro-House

Richie Rich and DJ Rix - "Bam (original mix)"

House Ladies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The following traxx have a nice tribal feel to them.

Jay Corazza - "House Ladies (2010 extended mix)"
Nice track for the summer!!

Kit da Funk - "Freak it (screen mix)"
Pon de Floor-ish

Guru da Beat feat. Tony T. - "Jammin (2010 slin project mix)"

Cristiano Vinci pres. Isla feat. Rod Fame - "Baby Baby (stylus robb remix)"


All three of these tracks are very different but they're all good. Enjoy.

Hïllary Duff - Stränger (Vïssion vs Aude Club Mix)
Don't be scared off by the name, it's a solid minimal dance track.

LëxiconDon - Hëart Attäck (Clöckwork Remix)

The second Clöckwork remix I've come across, loads of energy.

Pïtbull ft Akön - Shut ït Döwn (Jävi Mulä Remix)
Nice remix, takes out a lot of the energy but emphasizes the beat.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enjöy The Sïlence

Depëche Möde - "Enjöy The Sïlence (2010 hard rock sofa remix)"

The Black Project - "Off the wall (simioli & black original mix)"
Big-Room reworq of the Michael Jackson hit.

Jack Holiday feat. Roby Rob - "Raise your hands (christopher's mike candys remix)"

Shawn Davis feat. Tyan Janae - "Make it hott (breaking news remix)"
Nice tune for the spring!


Nice Electro-House update of this 70's hit!

Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son (2010 valency & zuology remix)

Stuffed Mailbox

We get a lot of nice stuff through the mail. Here are a few more.

Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam (risk one big room remix)"

Mïssy Ellïot - "Päss That Dutch (figure brooklyn fire bootleg)"

DJ One Finger - "HouseFucker (shax remix)"

Ke$hä - "Tïk Tok (dj came power house remix)"

Ke$hä - "Tïk Tok (dave edwards remix)"

Even More...

Did I say earlier that we get some nice stuff through the mail. Well, here are some more!

Linkin Park - New Divide (Hot Noizes bootleg)

LMFAO - "I'm In Miami Bitch (beat thrillerz remix)"

Black Eyed Peas - "Boom Boom Pow (durty's big room robotic mix)"

C & C Music Factory - Everybody dance now (sick boy remix)

"Jay-Z - "Run this town (tony g ireland remix)"

Chromeo - "Night by Night (digikid84 remix)"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Through The Mail 2

What's cool about having a blog is the fact that you get stuff through the mail and it's always a pleasure for me to give a little push to cool people, so here they are.

Bang Bang Club - Chemistry (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
Rob sent me the original and a couple of remixes, I found this one to be the most club friendly. Typical top 40 stuff. I also like the British touch. Go see them at Bang Bang Club

Drake F. Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Forever (Dave Edwards Remix)
Dave always send me great stuff, and this one is no exception.

Avicii & Sebastien Drums Vs Axwell Angello Ingrosso - Leave The Pastis Behind (Junior Wilde Bootleg)
Although it's an impossibly long title, it's a very cool mashup by Junior. He gives a new life to this now classic Swedish Mafia's tune.

Tony G - Fired Up Gunz
Tony is just starting but he is improving and I see a good potential here. I just hope he'll send me 320 stuff next time ;)

DJ Granny

Her name, Ruth Flowers, is as stereotypical as it gets when it comes to old lady names. But Ruth Flowers is no stereotypical old lady. Not when she's dominating the French party scene on the ones and twos. While on the surface it may seem that her motivation is finding the ultimate rave and passing out ecstasy-laced hard candy, it's far more noble than that. Like any grandma, she just likes to see young people having fun.

The next Sexy Bitch?

This top40/club friendly track is very much like David Guetta's recent club smash "Sexy Bitch". Everyone should jump right on this one!

Guaranteed Eargasm!!

Geeno Fabulous feat. Young Sixx - "I'm so horny (radio mix)"

Geeno Fabulous feat. Young Sixx - "I'm so horny (2010 extended mix)"

Geeno Fabulous feat. Young Sixx - "I'm so horny (2010 sunrider remix)"

Perfect Drug

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

321 & Tim Healey & Deekline - "Bring it back (321 uk funky mix)"
Awesome Party Track

Actual Phantom - "You Know How"
Phantom strikes again.

Ben Venom - "Head Shot (2010 original mix)"

Cut & Run - "Perfect Drug"
Nine Inch Nails


Another great job by DJ Mickey Bono!

T-Pain feat. Chris Brown - "Freeze (beat thrillerz remix)"

Something like a party

School Gyrls - "Something Like a Party (chew fu 'too cool for school' fix extended mix)"

Rip! : A Remix Manifesto

In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers.

The film’s central protagonist is Girl Talk, a mash-up musician topping the charts with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk a paragon of people power or the Pied Piper of piracy? Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow are also along for the ride.

Which side of the ideas war are you on? Find out after watching RIP!

Përfect Däy

Wish I had more to share right before the weekend but here's some good stuff that I want y'all to check out. Enjoy.

Mäjor Läzer vs Härold Fältermeyer - Pön Dë Foley (Ludächrist Remix)
Clever mashup that I've thought about but never did. Basically they are the same song.

Dämae, Alëx Guësta - Përfect Däy (Märc Lïme & K. Bästian Remix)
Absolute club gem, sounds like the stuff we were rocking just a year and a half ago.