Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dön't Stop

Some pretty sharp tracks for you today. Enjoy.

Jëfferson Aïrplane - Sömebody To Love (Yëap! Remix)
Build 'em up, then drop this on 'em; imagine it'll be perfect.

Vïncent Vëga - Dön't Stop (Pätric La Funk Remix)
Some good unassuming stuff to put in the mix.

Illy vs. Grëy Gränite - The Fïnal Cöuntdown
Europe completely redone for the party.

Söuth Park vs. Cafë Dël Mar - And It's Göne (Jöhannes Dahlberg Financial Crisis Mash)
Really funny and well put together remix.

Glee Cäst - It's My Lïfe vs. Confëssions (Drëw G Deconstruction Mix Part II)
Glee's doing a pretty good job with their reworks.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lönely Hëart

Starting the week off right. Here's some good tracks to pick up. Enjoy.

Stëve Murano - Owner Of A Lönely Hëart (Club Mix)
Great rework of the Yes hit. Some progressive electro house.

Töcadisco ft. Vängosh - Wäy of Löve (Dave Därell Remix)
Hell of a teaser, could've been taken a lot further.

Cärolina Lïar - I'm Nöt Over (Adäm K & Söha Remix)
These guys are phenomenal this year, more progressive electro house.

Jöurney - Any Way Yöu Want It (Rhythm Schölar Move And Groove Remix)
This reminds me of some of the classic DE tracks that brought me here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tïk Tök

I'm kind of sneaking in a post before going to the club, ya'll ever heard of Tiesto? Tonight will no doubt be epic. Anyways, the first two are in the usual 320kbps but the last two aren't. They're so good you shouldn't mind or notice too much though. Enjoy.

Söurce - Yöu Göt The Löve (Chrïstian Dävies Bootleg Mix)
A twitter pickup, and it's a classic track too.

Pälm Sprïngs - DJ Pläy This Söng (Märcus & Schulz Remix)

Kësha - Tïk Tök (Mörningstar tweaks the Emb Extended Mix)
Really nice. Digital Eargasm Exclusive.

Kësha - Tïk Tök (Emb Extended Remix)
Really nice.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Some more tracks for the day. Take note that all the tracks are 320kbps and have been for a very long while. I say that because sometimes I'll post one like the title track and you'll have heard it but might not have it in the highest quality. So enjoy.

Spencer & Hïll vs. Erick Mörillo - So Dänce with my Pïlls (Alex Gïamatti Bootleg)
Real nice, would've liked to hear the chorus from the S&H though.

Duck Säuce - äNYway (Original Mix)
Classic Armand in there. You need this one if you don't have it yet.

Häji Emanuel feat Beverley Knïght & Bryan Chämb - The Pressure(Van Date Club Remix)
Would've liked to have heard more of the electro in it.

DJ Töm - Späcebass (Däagard & Mörane Remix)
Good moving track.

Give Me Tonight

Some real good tracks today from all over and crossing most all genres. Enjoy.

Tiësto - Knöck You Döwn (Scolin Remix)
S.co delivers again on this one.

Shännon vs Marïo Ochöa - Give Më Tönight 2008 (Dj Wöpe Private Remix)
Reseached into the other day's tracks and found this one. Thanks Dodger.

Vënus Jones - Obsëssed (Funkk Frïkz Remix)
Real nice dance track, electro rework of Märiah Carëy.

Afrïka Bämbaataa - Just Gët Up And Dance (K J Frëak 2009 Remix)
Electro-house goodness.

Huey Lëwis & The Nëws - The Pöwer Of Löve (Jördan Remix)
Electro with two long snippets of vocals from the original.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ständ Up

Hodgepodge. This post is all over the place because there's not a lot of killer electro-house tracks coming out this week. So enjoy the momentary change in normalcy.

Bëat Assassïns vs. Ludäcris - Ständ Up (Club Mix)
Dream found a good one in this Ludäcris mashup.

Jöhn O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gällagher - Täke It All Away (Märcus Schössow Nu Prog Remix)
Trance. The best vocals in the business.

Kïd Mässive - Töuch Më (In Thë Morning) (Avïcii's Mässive Mix)
Real nice rework of Cäss Fox's track.

Röger Shäh & Tënishia feat. Lorilee - I'm Not God (Roger Shäh Mix)
Trance. Killer breakdown and buildup.

TV Röck - Bëen A Löng Tïme (Axwëll's Unreleased Remix)
Axwell takes this track all over the place. High energy club track.

Cäzwell - Tönight (Cöunt Dë Money Extended Mix)
Sounds like an 80's track, love the chorus.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Great dance tracks for the club. Enjoy.

Spëncer & Hïll - Trëspasser (Däzoo At Nïght Remix)
Oh yeah, real nice work on the remix. Great track.

Tune Bröthers - Gïrlfriend (Höuseshakers Remix)
Tune Bröthers don't fail.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Higher State

Quality over quantity. Check out these tracks. Enjoy the weekend.

Bailey - Higher State (Christian Davies Remix)
Personally, one of my favorite tracks of the year which I've been anticipating since I first heard it on the In Demand Music Podcast.

Spencer & Hill - I Want You (Christian Davies Remix)
Another winner all around.

Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler (Dänny C Electro Remix)
Lot going on at the start of this one, when it settles in it sounds sharp.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tëll Me Why

Here's some great tracks to start the week off with. Enjoy.

Supërmode - Tëll Me Why 2009 (DJ G.Rös Cöld Remix)
I wasn't expecting this to be nearly as good as it is. Really nice track. Hits much harder than you'd expect.

Stänhïde - Mödel Gäme (Crïtz Remix)
Really nice track. Electro.

Spëncer & Hïll - I Wänt Yöu (Mäurizio Gubellïni Remix)
Very nice. Makes up for the original's shortcomings with less dirty electro and more hard hitting club beats.

Mïley Cyrus - Pärty In The USA (Wïdeboys Remix)
I like it. Very catchy song, plus the Wïdeboys do right by most every remix.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Onë Vïsion

The last post of the night. Enjoy.

Sändy Rïvera & Andy Däniell - Whätever (ATFC Remix)
Like the background lyrics.

G & G - Onë Vïsion (Iän Cärey Remix)
Big sound.

Kelïs - Milkshäke (Mightyfoöls Remix)
I think it's a handy must add for most of our djs.

Joycë Dennïs - Vïbed Up (In Your Eyës) (Extended Mix)
Nice electro house with serious vocals

In & Out

More great dance tracks. Enjoy.

Hägenaar & Albrëcht feat. Rädïcal Noïz - In & Out (Of My Lïfe)(Original Mix)
Nice house track...with guitar.

Erïka Jäyne - Rollër Cöaster (Märk Knïght's Toolroom Remix) (IT Edit That)
Really enjoyed this track earlier this year, here's a good remix I didn't have though.

Fätboy Slïm vs. Thömas Göld - Stär 69 (Thomäs Göld 09 'Whät The F..k Edit)
Have a feeling this'll be popular.

Freemäsons - Nothïng But a Heärtache (Dj Denïs Rublev & Dj Stylezz Remix)
A little sax in there.

Yöur Bödy

So sorry for not posting much this week. Darryl's been killing it though. It's not like I haven't been finding some of the best house tracks of the year, I just haven't had the time to post. But things change. Tonight I made time, and I'm sharing some great tracks. Enjoy.

Ivän Bröoks - Nïce Gïrl (Scölin's "Summer Dreäm Gïrl" Remix)
Our good friend S.co does work. Been playing this one on repeat.

Töm Növy - Yöur Bödy (Bërnardo Mälta & Felïppe Senne Bootleg Remix)
Our good friend Felippe Senne does work.

The Tëmper Träp - Sweet Dïrty Dreams Dïsposition (Väl Költon Mashup Remix)
This'll go over real well.

Märtin Sölveig - Böys & Gïrls feat. Drägonette (Bärt B Möre Däns Tës Rave Remix)
Loved the original and finally we got a good remix of it.