Monday, August 31, 2009

I Knôw

Welcome back from the weekend. Let's get straight to it today. Here are some tracks. Enjoy.

Pätric Mcfly, Wheätus - Tëenage Dirthôuse (DJs Frôm Märs Mix)
This will undoubtedly get a lot of people excited. Trans down, chorus, trans back up to electro house.

Fukkk Offf - Lovë Me Hatë Me Kiss Me Kïll Me (Original Mix)
More repetitve electro house lyrics for the crowd that liked Harder Better Faster Stronger, it's good.

Jäybee & Slïn Projëct pres J.S. Connëction - I Knôw (Guentä K and JJ Päriz Remix)
Jäybee puts out good stuff, this one's really light and more like a song that you can dance too, not just a dance track.

Lëmon Hït - Let There Bë Hôuse (DJ Märt and DJ Grushëvski Remix)
Definately getting played this weekend.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thought I'd put a post in this weekend since I might get overloaded by Monday with tracks. One new dance track and three reworks. Not bad. Have a great weekend. Enjoy.

Dëejane Angël D. - Nïghtflight (Hänna Hansën & Dävid Puëntez Ibïza Gläm Remix)
Dance track.

Housëboy & Henrï Leô Theïsen - To The Môôn And Back (Märty Famë Hot Summer Rework)
Sävage Gärden's 90's hit, nice house rework.

Jackvïlle - The Strôke (Lukë Francïs Remix)
Bïlly Squïer's 80's hit, gone electro house

Bëach Bôys - Good Vïbrations (Stantôn Warrïors Remix)
Great find and a real fun track

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Epôck At Night

I got tracks today. One brand new one, one from a new favorite, and one from an old favorite. Enjoy.

Epôck vs Kid Cudï - Epôck At Night (Andrew Dëë's Unreleased Ibïza Sunsët Bootleg)
I'm still not tired of the original but I am tired of all the bad remixes of it, this one's different.

KC änd The Sunshinë Band - Thät's The Wäy I Like It (Jônes Glïtch Electro Remix)
Jones caught my ear after remixing S&H, now I'm going to follow him more closely.

Sôuldiers of Fortunë - Junglë Boogië (Ryan Rïback's Get Down Remix)
Been out for a long while, though I just got my hands on it and like it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't stop the music

*Mr Reloäd & Chimerä - "Don't Stôp (2009 house mix)"
There are a lot of cool soundz in this Electro-House jam.

*Aldirmäz Ondër - "All about hôuse music (dj caprice mix)"

*Dubôis - "You Knôw"
Recently I posted a cool tune called Cinek & Kez - "This Is Our House (vocal club mix)". Here is the track that they used.

*Cräzy Côusinz - "It's that fûnky (chew fu ghettohouse fix mix)"
There is definitely a party going in this Dance track as the Cousins pay homage to Cameo's "Candy" and Marcia Griffith's "The Electric Slide." Fun track to throw on sometime.

*Ron Mäy - "Back to Räve (original mix)"
This is another fun track that is more Fidget-House than Rave.

*Crëw 7 feat. Men of Honôr - "Evërytime we touch (häns o mätik extended mix)"


Two tracks off the bonus cd. Go out and get it! There's still more great tracks on it that you haven't heard. All day today he had a online release party culminating with a live streaming mix. It's been and still is great. Enjoy.

David Guëtta, Tocadïsco - It's Your Lifë feat. Chris Willïs (Extended Version)

David Guëtta, Laïdback Luke - I Neëd You Now feat. Samantha Jadë (Extended Version)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Some kickass tunes to give to you today. All big sound tracks. Enjoy.

John Märks Pröject ft. Rëne Fröger - Slëdgehammer (Club Mix)
Way too much fun on this Peter Gabrïel rework.

Vëerus & Mäxie Devïne Ft. Jänice Röbinson - Drëamer '09 (TV Röck Remix)
TV Röck can't do wrong. Still the same great vocals too.

Andrea Päci - Kïss Me feat. Andrea Löve (Sergïo Mauri, Raf Marchësini & Karïm Räzak Mix)
Pretty good.

BT - Rose Of Jerichö (Adäm K & Söha Remix)
Prog goodness

Zöö Brazïl - Tear The Club Up (Albïn Myërs Remix)
Mindless dance music, so it's good.

Dani Deahl

She lives in the city that invented house music - Chicago. She has a record label with the most respected brand in house - Strictly Rhythm. She writes for the United States' top industry publications - URB, BPM and TimeOut. She tours around the world and has a host of tracks on the industry's top labels. This is Dani Deahl.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Evërybody's doing it

I couldn't decide between the following 2 Dance remixes...because they both are so delicious! Yes, they are THAT good.

*Chihïno - "Evërybody's doing it (bùzz jùnkies club mix)"
I would have to say that I like this one just a teeny bit more.

*Chihïno - "Evërybody's doing it (soul seekërz club mix)"

Wälk the Line

*Läurent Wölf - Wälk the line (2009 club mix)
Now THIS is what D.E. is all about. A top notch reworq. Läurant hits all the right spots on this Johnny Cash hit!

Guaranteed Eargasm

Friday, August 21, 2009

Let Më Be Real

A little more relaxed sound today. Some really nice tracks. Enjoy.

Calvïn Harrïs vs. Frägma - I'm Not Alöne vs. I Need A Mïracle (Dïïnch Bootleg)
Eargasm. That's all that needs to be said...or...not good at all, actually its trash

Fëdde Le Gränd ft Mïtch Crown - Let Më Be Real (Höök N Slïng & Goodwïll Remix)

Real nice stuff, great vocals, great remix.

Luciën Föort - Shake Yöur Rump (Phönic Funk Remix)

Pretty even keeled, keeps the party chill but moving.

Dïrty Söuth ft Rudy - Wë Are (Dënzal Pärk Remix)
Of course it's a great track, so here's a good mix of it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shake Yöur Rump

Another post is already in the works for tomorrow. It'll be a bit softer. But for today, some more up beat tracks. Enjoy.

Laïdback Luke - I Need Your Löving (Jöey Sukï And Apstër Remix)
Original is phenomenal, this remix is great.

Muttönheads - Shïne Blue (Päscal Bäxter Remix)
Real rockin' electro-house sound.

Dïrty Söuth feat. Rudy - Wë Are (Avïcii Killer Remix)
Of course it's a great track, so here's a good mix of it.

Luciën Föort - Shake Yöur Rump (Gabrïel and Castellön Remix)
Pretty even keeled, with a rise in the middle; good dance track.

Avïcii vs Bëastie Böys - Tïme To Get Ill (Avïcii Bootleg)
Hard-sound, dance track.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feel Thïs Real

I don't know how to rank these. They're so different and I like 'em all. You're bound to find something in these tracks. Enjoy.

Pïtbull - I Know You Wänt Me (Goodwïll Remix)
Really great remix that keeps it low key

Neon Stereo - Feel Thïs Real (Tommy Träsh Remix)
Tech house, if you like mau5...

Crëw7 ft Mën Of Honor - Avenuë (Sunrïder Remix)
Miami sound, Electric Avenue rework with rap

Mäskerada - Deëper & Deeper (Original Mix)
Big house sound

Beär Who - My Momma Thïnks Ur Cute (Päul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
They do such dirty electro house

Foreïgner - Cold As Icë (Bastïlle Remix)
Lot going on in this 70's rock remix.

Evërmore - Hëy Boys and Girls (TV Rock Remix)
Great TV Rock style

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lädy Of Ice

We've got remixes today. A remix, a mashup, and three new mixes for a new track, all of them caught my ear and all of them are really different. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Wäle ft. Lady Gäga - Chillïn (Widëboys Club Mix)
Lots of energy from the Wïdeboys on this one.

John Märr - Open Your Eärs (Snow Pätrol vs. Bläck Eyed Peäs)
Sounds absolutely phenomenal.

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Marco Monäco Original Mix)

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Dave Kurtïs Mix)
More deep-house

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Chriss Ortëga Big Room Mix)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Want Yoù

I think the posts keep getting better at the new Digital Eargasm. Today we've got some huge names and huge tracks. Enjoy.

Spëncer & Hill Feat Afc Projëct - I Want Yoù (Original Mix)
Love the vocals.

Idä Corr - I Want Yoù (Fùnkerman Remix)
Might have to mix this in with the above, diff songs though.

Armänd Van Hëlden - Witch Doktor (Eddie Thonëick Remix)
This hits hard.

Norman Doräy, Albin Myërs Vs. Greg Cerronë - Drink N Fuxiä (ImänoS & Nùnzi Bootleg)
If you loved Drink 'N'll love this one.

David Guettä, Sebästian Ingrosso, Dirty Soùth ft. Jùlie McKnight - How Soon Is Now (Extended Version)
The extended version. This track is epic house.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Söön Is Now

Well it got played at Sensation White, and here a few days later we've got it. Enjoy.

David Guëtta, Sebastïan Ingrosso, Dïrty Söuth - How Söön Is Now feat Julie McKnïght (Original Mix)
Really is a big sound, epic track.

Monday, August 10, 2009

No Survivor

Now that we're back from the weekend, it's time to get settled into a few new tracks. The title track won't be released for another four months or so, Guetta's finally getting remixed and not just extended, and we've got three more for good measure. Enjoy.

David Guettä - Sëxy Bitch feat. Akon (Abël Ramos Atlänta With Love Remix)
Real glad to hear some remixes of this one.

Olë Van Dänsk - How I Wish 2009 (DJs From Märs Remix)
Love the vocals.

Gläsnost - No Survivor
Real nice funky indie electro with great vocals.

S & H Projëct - Bob the Radïo (Jönes Extended Bootleg Remix)
Not enough remixes of S & H tracks.

DJ Antoinë vs Mäd Mark - Hoùsework City (El3ctronïght Edit)
From our friends comes a nice Gùns 'N' Röses mix.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Somëthing About You

*Alex Aliceä feat. Lesley Cärter - "Pulling me bäck"
Catchy & hypnotic.

*DJ Eäko & Robert Livesù - "You make me cräzy (eäko & morëlly club mix)"

*Dùstin Hùlton & Nikki Cärabello - "Somëthing about you (2009 original mix)"
Anyone up for some nice Fidget-Breakz? I would love to hear a straight ahead Electro-House remix of this, too.

*Läroux - "Bullëtproof (Razor N Guido vocal remix)"
It was nice of Guido to let me know that he likes the new look of the well as send me this nice remix!

Gïrl vs. Boy

Wow. Real good stuff for ya'll in this one. This Boy vs. Girl track has a lot of great remixes, on top of that Roger-M put out a nice bootleg and someone finally made and Erika Jayne track cool. No pop in this post at all. Just house. Enjoy.

Erika Jäyne - Roller Coäster (Dave Pezzä Electro Club Mix)
Little dark, sounds great.

Prydä feat. Julie McKnïght - Home (Rogër-M Bootleg Mix)
Roger-M did well here. Love that yellow brick road.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Nick Galeä Remix)
Great track, great vocals, great beat, great sound.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Bläze Tripp Womänizer Remix)
Will sound great in the club in a mix.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Lïfe Music's Ständ Up Tall Remix)
Ditto for this one.

I Wänna Go Cräzy

Well here's another two off the new album to be released on the 24th. Still a lot more collaborations that I'm wanting to hear off it. More Kelly Rowland, Chris Willis,, Kid Cudi, and more. Also, Guetta's pushing hard for DJMag's #1 spot putting out a youtube video entitled "One Love, One Vote." Click here to watch

Davïd Guëtta ft. wïll.i.äm - I Wänna Go Cräzy
"New Guëtta track with wïll.i.äm, Sounds fackin amazing!"

Davïd Guëtta ft. Estëlle - So Touch Më
I've been holding onto this one for a long time because of some doubts. But now it looks like those are dead and gone. Anyways, this one will really grow on you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Got Më Burnin

The tracks today are two good electro-house joints. Enjoy.

Mïlk And Sugär Ft. Ayäk - You Got Më Burnin (Johnny Mäx Remix)
Real nice little piano breakdown with vocals.

Cässius - Sound of Violënce (Dëadmau5 Remix)

Pretty good track for the end of summer. Not the stereotypical mau5 sound either.
NOTE: At 6:24 with 0:30 left to play there is a slight hiccup.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Club Treatz

These next 3 traxx should work well in the Top40/House clubs.

*Amända Blänk - "Might Like You Bettër (rädio kromë remix)"
One of my favorite songs from the 80's was Romeo Void - "Never Say Never." Amanda takes the best lyrics from that song and adds them to a funky little electro track!

*Flö-Ridä feat Nëlly Furtädo - "Jump (disco fries remix)"

*Parädiso Girls - "Pätron Tëquila (risk one bounce)

Don't Bë a Douchebäg!

So I only found a track today that I really liked. I think you'll like it too.

Jump Smokërs - Don't Bë a Douchebäg! (Extra Douchëy Extended Mix)
Great lyrics.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This post is absolutely packed. Amazed at the quality of tracks today. Enjoy.

Aerosmïth - Drëam On (BeMäx & Whillïam Rise Remix)
Phenomenal. Nuff said.

Medïna - You & I (Spëncer & Hïll Remix)
Everything comes together perfectly in this one.

Junïor Sanchëz feat. Good Chärlotte - Elevätor (Laïdback Lukë Remix)
Can see this one doing real well in the clubs, especially if you mix a bomb in behind it.

Gorïllaz - Fëel Good (DJ Rän & DJ Vïduta Remix)
Nice breakdown that'll make everyone flip.

Gigï Bärocco & Icë MC - Thïnk About The Way 2k9 (Spëncer & Hïll Remix)
That nasty electro house sound that S & H does so well.

Gentäni ft. Spotnïk - Afrïca is Mine
Rework of Toto's hit from the 80's.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Breakz

For our good friend eSc.

*The Deceptïconz - "Go Awäy (2009 original mix)"
Nice accessible Breakz that even the House-Headz could possibly enjoy!

*Supërpolitik - "Breäk it down (2009 original mix)"
A little heavier than the first one, but we like it that way! This will get the headz bopping!

*Andrëw Frïendly feat. Fast Eddïe - "It's the weekënd (breaks vocal version)"
Hot Breakz-Hop for all the cool clubs!


*Alex Barattïni vs Electrïc Lïght Orchesträ - "Last traïn to löndon (2009 club mix)"

*Bäcon Pöpper - "Free 2009 (mats remix)"
I'm not a fan of U2, especially the song that is sampled ("New Year's Day") in this otherwise enjoyable Electro-House track.

*Bòss in Dräma - "Favorïte Song (the kids are radioactive remix)"
Jordan Elliot aka The Kids Are Radioactive, is an up & coming Producer & DJ in Los Angeles who has let me know that he has some very cool things coming up in the next few months. He was recently signed to Binary Records, and will have one of his original traxx ("Perpetual Drag") released on a compilation called "L.A. Lights" keep an eye out for that.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gëttïn' Ovër

No sneak peek this time, re-upped in better quality and no voiceovers. The vocals are phenomenal. I was listening to it on repeat late last night. Enjoy.

Dävïd Guëttä ft Chrïs Wïllïs - Gëttïn' Ovër