Monday, November 30, 2009

Löve My Möney

So after the Thanksgiving break and a move as well, I've come back with some good tracks for y'all. Enjoy.

Spëncer & Hïll - Löve My Möney (Päul Gëorge Bootleg)
Yöung Löve vs. Spënd My Möney, it doesn't get much better.

Dïzzee Räscal - Dïrtee Cäsh (Nïck Gälea Remix)
Great track, with loads of vocals then a solid dance beat.

Dämn-R - Every Frëaking Däy (Böom & Bäse Remix)
Pretty damn good, nice buildup of energy in this electo-house/trance track.

Dëadmau5 - I Rëmember/Overnight Cëlebrity (Chrïs Spïers Edit)
It works. Just trying to figure out when and where you could use it.

DJ Rëd & Jösh Dupont - The Wörld Is Mïne 2010 (Mïlk Bröthers Remix)
A little softer, a little smoother remix of their original rework.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dïrty Wöman

It's late night here and I just got a hold of some new tracks in my new batch of music. By the way, there are some wild mashups out right now. Enjoy these tracks.

The Onë Hundred - Brëak Me Döwn (Club Mix)
Hard work in the cBox paid off big with this one. Damn good house.

Pïmp Röckers - I Wänna Dïrty Wöman (Original Mix)
Head nodding, good solid dance music.

Blöodhound Gäng - Bäd Touch (Wïcked DJs Remix)
Nicely done remix of this well-known track. Great for drunk dancers.

DBN & Tömmy Träsh ft Mïchael Fëiner - Stärs (DBN Remix)
Get lost in dance music, this one sounds pretty big.

Däve Spöon - The Sëcret (Original Mix)
Not my usual addition, but I had this on repeat while I was working on the post and it had my head bouncing. Instrumental, continually building energy.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Cool stuff. It's going to be a crazy week for me, probably for us all. So here are some tracks to get us through it. Enjoy.

Mönolythe - Sïberia (JELO Remix)
Nasty, Filthy, Awesome.

Idä Cörr vs Fëdde Lë Grand - Let Me Thïnk About It (FlämeMakers Remix)
FlämeMakers turn it into a great warmup track. The quality sounds top notch though.

The Cätaracs - Club Löve (Nïck Cätchdubs x Pröper Vïllains Remix)
Good track for the club dj's, be on the lookout for more from these guys.

Hönorebel ft Pïtbull & Jump Smökers - Nöw You See It (Bënny Bënassi Dub Mix)
Brings a whole new energy to the track.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meet Më Hälfway

Just a one-track post but that's because it's as fresh as a it gets. Enjoy.

Bläck Eyed Pëas - Meet Më Hälfway (Scolin's "Less Is More" Remix)
I knew that we needed to be on top of the remixes of this track. was thinking the same thing and he just finished up his work today on this clean remix.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wïthout You

These two tracks can give you more bang for your buck. Enjoy.

Dävid Guëtta ft Rösie Rögers - Wïthout You (Fïlip Jënven Extended Version)
Great track, much more DJ-friendly version.

Lïmelight - Too Blïnd To See It (Mäx Färnethide Remix)
The original club mix can't touch Max's work on the remix.

Let Gö

Two tracks you need to have to keep the people dancing this weekend. They won't blow 'em away but they'll definitely keep 'em dancing. Both tracks are well produced and in high quality of course.

Spectre - It's Time To Let Gö (Alex Közma Remix)

Mädison Dëlay - Whö The Hell Are Cïrcle (Andrey Zënkoff & Dïma Käktus Bootleg)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


*Garathiel feat. Lory Maiuri - "Kissed (2009 alex barattini club remix)"

*Katerine - "Ayo Technology (sir gs uk extended mix)"

*Filthy Rich - "Music is moving (2009 original mix)"

*Eva Simons - "Silly Boy (dave aude club mix)"
Nice one!

Tick Tock

*Kesha - "Tik Tok (fred falke club remix)"

*Kendy - "Save Me (electrophunk remix)"

*Sporty-O - "Let me hit it (audiostalkers original mix)"

*Martin Solveig Feat. Dragonette - "Boys and Girls (2009 extended mix)"

Shot Caller

*The Ian Carey Project - "Shot Caller (2009 original mix)"

*Tune Brothers feat. Oz - "Girlfriend (houseshakers remix)"

*Stereo Touch - "There must be an Angel (d and f remix)"

*Tooffer - "Get up and dance (2009 original mix)"


*Brïtney Spëars - "3 (groove police club mix)"

*Z-Listers feat. Thomas Jules - "What You Waiting for [Freak] (2009 Original Mix)"

*Abby - "Boys (hi-tack remix)"

*Jackbot - "Street Sounds"

Get Bräin

Probably one of the more appropriate of images I could've used for the title. More good tracks today. Enjoy.

Portër Robïnson - Get Bräin
If you're into S&H, think you're going to love this one.

4 Strïngs vs. Morgan Päge - Täke Me Away vs. The Longest Road (Art Inc. Mäshup)
Huge track, progressive/trance that's really moving. Nice request.

Sweet - Löve Is Lïke Oxygën (2005 Fëëlgood and Däve Aude Remix)
Whipping out an oldie, a nice change of pace from the greats.

Säntiago Möreno - Optico (Päul Anthony & Zxx Remix)
Long nasty electro-house without vocals for the club djs.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sexy Baby

*DJ Lucerox & JJ Romero - Sexy Baby (2009 elektro mix)
Samples a slice of Rod Stewart's "Do you think I'm sexy"

*Jump Squad feat. Fadro - "Baby Girl (2009 club mix)"
Top40/Club friendly jam

*Crisp Biscuit - "Harder Faster (2009 vocal mix)"
Breakbeat reworq of the Kanye West hit.

*Cut and Run - "Shakin (2009 original mix)"
Breakbeat reworq of Groove Armada's - "I see you baby"

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fëel It

I didn't post much last week because the releases I got my hands on weren't up to snuff. This week it's a whole 'nother story. Just ridiculous stuff. Enjoy.

Thrëe 6 Mäfia ft Tïesto, Flö Rida, Sëan Kïngston - Fëel It (Pärtners Höuse Remix)
Beyond words for any club.

Höuse of Päin - Jump Around (Dëadmau5 Remix)
Pretty cool stuff too.

Dëep Drush & Nïcolas Mässino - Wälking On A Sölstice (Dëep Drush & Nïcolas Massino Mix)
More of a beautiful trance kind of remix of Empïre of the Sun.

Armand Vän Helden - Into Your Eyës 2010 (Frankïe Cärböne Remix)
What you'd want to hear from Armand, nice work on the remix too.

Bläck Eyed Pëas - Mëet Me Hälfway (Rökuro Mix)
Rokuro hooked us up with one I figured we'd want to be ahead of the curve on.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shawty Wanna Ride

*Crew 7 - "Shawty wanna ride (2009 sunrider remix)"

*Kooqla - "Leave me now (2009 original mix)"
Not your typical D.E. tune, but I bet you will still get an Eargasm!

*Abby - "Boys (2009 hi-tack remix)"
The next 2 are some nice club traxx.

*Daniel Erik feat. Hannah Streeter - "Move (2009 original mix)"

Gët U Home

We're definitely back to work after the long weekend. Some phenomenal tracks for you today as well. Enjoy.

Shwäyze ft LMFAO - Gët U Home (Pärty Rock Remix)
The typical good stuff coming from the remixers.

Shwäyze - Gët U Home (Alän Wïlkis Remix)
Couldn't be more of a different remix, hard, but with 80's pop sounds to it.

Säturday Nïght Hustlers - In Thë Club (Original Mix)
Armänd's You Don't Evën Know Më sample, some hip-hop styled vocals.

Europe - The Fïnal Cöuntdown (DJ Zäm Remix)
Between the epicness of the original and Zäm's typical electro remix talent, it's a hit.

Monday, November 2, 2009