Monday, September 27, 2010

I Want Your Sex

Gëorge Mïchael - "I Want Your Sëx (2010 freemäsons club mix)"

Brïtney Spëars - "Toxïc (2010 DöuGxp remix)"

Cë Cë Penïston - "Fïnally (2010 paul geörge remix)"

Evanëscence - "Brïng me to lifë (double in face brazïl espïritual mix)"


More Dubstep delights to destroy your speakers to!

Specïmen A - "Cöld As Icë"
Nice job with this Foreigner hit!

Magnetïc Man - "I Need Aïr"
Not as heavy sounding as the others, but still great. Has a nice Top40-Club feel to it!

Chäse Stätus feat. Malï - "Lët You Go (nëro remix)"
I am quickly finding out that Nero is "The Man" when it comes to dubstep remixes!

Whëre's Hueÿ feat. Andrëa Brïtton - "Staÿ (specïmen A's dubstepïn remix)

Laïd Bläk - "Rëd (chasïng shädows remix)"

Bëtter Thän Her

Some pretty commercial tracks today that I've been slow to put up. Enjoy.

Mätisse feat. Akön - Bëtter Thän Her (Jümp Smökers Extended Mix)
Really like this one.

Kïndervater ft. Mändy Vëntrice - Lövephobia (Wälker Däniels Remix)
Stupid name, pretty good electro house

Käskade ft Drägonette - Fïre In Yöur Nëw Shöes (Sültan & Nëd Shëpard Electric Däisy Remix)
Massive 'Electric Däisy' kinda buildup.

Cörnershop vs. Dïzzee Räscal - Brïmful of Bönkers (Säm Flänagan Mashup)
Enjoyable little mashup.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm really starting to get into Dubstep. I'm loving the hard, cool sounds that these traxx are featuring, along with the catchy lyrics. I throw these on at the beginning of the night to get the crowd pumped up. If you haven't had the chance to checkout this genre, here are what I consider to be some of the best new traxx out there.

Plän B - "The Rëcluse (nëro remix)"
Don't let the title fool you. Nero turns this track into a Monster!!

Profëssor Grëen feat. Examplë - "Monstër (camo & krookëd remix)"
Speaking of monsters...

Bläme feat. Rüff Sqwäd - "On Mÿ Own (drümsound & basslïne smïth remix)"

WTF & Dëad Prëz - "It's bïgger than hïp hop (full vocal mix)"

Slüm Dögz - "For all tïme"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm really excited to hear the news that Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic that is planned to be released in 2011. I think they made an excellent choice selecting him to play such an iconic singer. It should be quite a good story, as well.

Quëen - "We wïll röck you (2010 Cherry Coke Remix)"

Quëen - "We wïll Röck you (2010 ïvan zakharöv & leonïd ifrït mix)"